Empties 1st Edition

Empties 1st Edition

Hello and happy Sunday. I’m here today to talk to you about products that I no longer use because I’ve been through them, and I’d to tell you my thoughts. Now, I have talked about all of these products in past posts (go ahead, stalk me) so I’m not going to explain them; I’m basically going to say 1: my personal experience with the product and 2: whether I’d buy it or not and why. Let’s get started.

Victoria’s Secret Starlit Wish body mist 

I got this on one of my trips to the U.S, taking advantage of one of those “buy 2, get one free” sales or whatever. I previously mentioned that this was one of the only vanilla scented mists I own, and it was pretty good. I’m into trying new fragrances when it comes to body mist, so I’m not sure whether I’d buy it again, besides, it’s been a while since I first bought it and collections are always changing.

Wet N’ Wild Under the Sheets makeup removing wipes 

My dad got me these at the Dollar Tree and I hauled them last week. If you keep the price in mind, these work just fine, but I’d spend a bit more on some, heavier duty ones. I wear a lot of makeup even when I go for more “natural” looks, and I especially wear heavy makeup on my eyes, and I feel that with these wipes I had to really take my time and make an effort, which you know is not my thing when removing makeup. I’d buy them again if I ever came across them at a Dollar Tree, but to have as a backup or for days when my makeup is minimal.

One Direction Our Moment body lotion 

I’ve already told you this in a previous post , but the Our Moment body lotion is the silkiest lotion I’ve tried. It leaves my skin feeling smooth and shiny and smelling like heaven. I was actually going to say “no, I won’t buy it again,” but I literally have no arguments to support my decision, so who knows? I love to try different stuff all the time, so maybe in a couple of years, if this line isn’t discontinued or something, I’ll get the lotion again.

Pink Chiffon body lotion by Bath and Body Works 

Okay, so for those of you who don’t know, pink is my favorite color. I genuinely love pink things, and that includes pink fragrances and lotions. Obviously, I had to have a body lotion called Pink Chiffon and I wanted to love it really badly. The thing is, this lotion smelled like you’d been wrapped in a giant marshmallow, like the sweet scent was just too much for me. And the thing is, with Bath and Body Works products I’m not really looking for hydration but for fragrance, given that on lazy days I apply body lotion and expect that to make me smell nice during the day, so it wasn’t like the other benefits counted as much for me as the scent did. I wouldn’t buy it again, nor would I buy vanilla-based products because although I still love pink, I’m moving towards other kind of fragrances now.

SugarBearHair vitamins

I’ve talked not once but twice about these vitamins, so you must know by now that I adore them and that they’ve worked for me, strengthening my hair, making it look healthier and accelerating its growth. I want to buy them again, but they’re expensive and not a priority for me at the moment, so I’ll keep them in my list and hope that someday I can purchase them again.

Covergirl Bombshell Curvaceous LashBlast mascara

I have to make a confession: I didn’t like this mascara when I first got it. It dried down on me too quickly and I hadn’t applied the second coat and it was sort of a disaster. I tried it again, though, following the directions in the box I got sent and I loved it. Granted, it’s not a mascara I wore every day, but I enjoyed it until it dried. I’d buy it again, but I think it’s on the pricier side (and I’m a cheap girl), so maybe if it were on sale one day.

Maybelline New York Volum’ Express The Colossal Spider Effect Washable Mascara

I wore this mascara twice and twice it ruined my eye look completely. I despise the wand, I don’t get how it works. My eyelashes were thick and all clumpy and they stuck out like needles after I applied it, and the last time I wore it, I just decided to throw it away and let you know that I don’t recommend this for the life of me. I got it because I saw Christen Dominique wear it in a tutorial and then my best friend told me to buy it for her when I went to the States, and so I decided to give it a try. No. No, thank you. I’d rather leave the house with naked eyelashes than have to wear that horrible thing again.

Tell me about one of your empties in the comments below!

Happy Sunday!

Love, Miss Camila

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