New Stuff Haul + Review

New Stuff Haul + Review

Hello and happy Sunday. My dad is the coolest ever and got me a bunch of stuff a while ago from a trip he went on with his wife to Washington D.C, and I thought it would be fun to tell you about everything I go, so let’s get started!

First and foremost let me clarify two things: 1. There are two edible items which I won’t review, and 2. Only one item wasn’t bought at the Dollar Tree, so I’ll leave that for the end.

Now, let’s start with the gorgeous eye shadow palette. It is by Almar Sales and the name of this palette is Touch of Rose. I absolutely love the colors and the pigmentation. The only thing I don’t like is that all the shades are shimmery, so I had to use shades from another palette for the transition colors. Then we have the L.A Colors Liquid Makeup, which is a foundation, and I actually thought it would be darker and was sort of worried about it, but turns out it’s the perfect shade for my skin. It didn’t give me much coverage, but you know I don’t go for full-coverage foundations. I’m currently using this on an everyday basis and I’m loving it.

My dad also got me two packs of makeup removing wipes because he knows I wear a ton of makeup and I need to take it all off at night. I got one from Wet N’ Wild and the other one has no brand. I’ll be reviewing them when I do my “empties” post, so stay tuned. We can also see a Sassy + Chic nail buffer, which I gave to my mom because I don’t use those tools for my nails. Next to the buffer there’s this hair towel, which I used once, and even though it did dry my hair, it took me the longest time to put it right, and I don’t think it’s worth that much effort.

An item that really surprised me because it is long lasting and super pigmented is the L.A Colors liquid eyeliner. I still don’t consider myself an expert when applying liquid eyeliner, so handling the wand is a bit trickier for me than it’d be were I using a pen eyeliner, but it is a really great product. I also got a lip balm from Rimmel and we all know how essential lip balm is. Finally, I got a dry shampoo, which I can tell you right here right now doesn’t work. I’m not a fan of dry shampoo but gave this a try because it was a present and my hair was disgusting, but it was very disappointing. I know this is a $1 product, so I shouldn’t have had high expectations, but aside from it not working it had a horrible smell and left white powder-like spots on my head.

Let’s finish with the amazing Oscar by Oscar de la Renta eau de toilette. Now, I usually go for more floral, citrus-y fragrances and this doesn’t quite fit into those categories. It is, however, a very fresh and classy perfume that stays with me all day long. I like it because it makes me smell like a grownup, and at the age of 23 I need to have a perfume that says “I’m a responsible adult.” I’ve loved this perfume more than I thought I would and have gotten a lot of compliments for it.

Now tell me, what is the last thing someone has gotten you from a trip?

Happy Sunday!

Love, Miss Camila

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