My Journey to Healthy Living: 2.5 Month Update

My Journey to Healthy Living: 2.5 Month Update

Announcement (2).pngHello and happy Sunday. I recently had an appointment with my nutritionist to check on my process, given that it’s been almost three months since I first went to see her.

Right when I got in she told me she was impressed because the changes my body has been undergoing are noticeable, and that, of course, made me super happy. I look at myself every morning in the mirror, but by doing so I might not be very aware of changes people who see me less often can notice.

I did lose weight, albeit less than what I had during my first month, which is normal because the body starts getting used to the dieting and exercise. It makes total sense, too, because I gained muscle mass, and muscle is heavier than fat. What my nutritionist explained to me is that when you gain muscle you’re allowed to weight more, and so what that means to me is that I have to “drop” less weight than what she’d originally told me.

My goal has always been, rather than being skinny, to be toned and for my muscles to be hard and strong. That might not be everyone’s goal, but given my height and the fact that I exercise regularly it is mine. For this, and given the awesome proportion between muscle mass gain and weight loss, I’m keeping my diet as it is but I’ve increased the intensity of my workouts. I’ll be publishing a post soon about my workout regime, so be sure to check it out.

The other significant change I’ve had to make after this check-in is taking these pills, along with my B-Complex vitamins, that help my body eliminate the fat, hence improving water absorption and my health in general. She told me to take these pills (although technically they are not medicine and don’t need prescription) because, unfortunately my abdominal area is still a bit problematic and I need to get rid of the fat stored there.

Have you made any changes or resolutions to have a healthier life? Tell me about them!

Happy Sunday!

Love, Miss Camila

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