How I Teach Body Parts & Grammar

How I Teach Body Parts & Grammar

Hello and happy Saturday. Today I’ll be telling you all about how I taught body parts to my Kinder boys. Now, they know the basics (everything included in the head, shoulders, knees, and toes song), so my challenge was to introduce them to vocabulary related to other body parts, and try to combine that with simple, everyday grammar structures.

On Monday I have two classes with Kindergarten, so I wrote the agenda on the board. The activities I’m going to show and describe were intended for those two hours of class. Instead, we spent the whole week working on them (which meant less planning for me).

We started with hokey pokey, and through that song we were also able to review position words such as in and out. We sang and danced to it once, and then I made a contest in which every time a new body part was introduced, the boys had to point to it. Those who were right got a happy point. This activity took me the whole first class, but it was a great way to get them started on the vocabulary and also to introduce left and right.

During the next class we also played a game using a practice video. I played it once, and again I stopped every time a body part was named and had children point at their own bodies. Then I wrote on the board IS THIS YOUR…? Yes, it is. and No, it’s not. 

The idea of the game was to have students call one of their classmates, ask them a question, following the video’s pattern, throw them a foam ball and then have the recipient of the ball answer using the formula I wrote on the board.

On Tuesday, we worked on yet another grammar structure, using the song Body Parts by Brendan Parker. We obviously sang and danced to the song repeatedly, and the boys loved it and learned it by heart. Then I wrote on the board: I have; I have one; I have two; and I have ten. The boys named body parts according to each variation. I’m not sure if you can see clearly but by this point they were able to name more specific body parts like eyelashes or eyebrows.

On our following class we worked on drawing the parts of the body. I first explained to them the terms front and back. We used this Body Parts Song ; so I basically paused when a new part was named and added it to the drawing I was making on the board. We were each drawing ourselves, so first we drew the front and then the back, labeling each part.

As you can see, I use a lot of videos and model everything on the board because my boys are beginning to read and write in English. Is there anything you do in your classroom when teaching this topic? Let me know!

Happy teaching!

Love, Miss Camila

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