April Book Drop Unboxing

Hello and happy Wednesday. Yes, this is my April Book Drop unboxing because apparently I was wrong and assumed my boxes would be sent on January, February and March, when they actually were sent on February, March, and April. I’m sorry, Bethany Beach Box people and thank you for April’s box; it came off as a bit of a surprise. Now that that’s out of the way, let’s get to the unboxing!

Obviously, as I told you in a previous post, the Book Drop is not like other boxes that have a ton of goodies; this subscription box is actually way cheaper than the other ones I know and in this one the main feature is the book.

In my April box I got two bookmarks, one to promote Independent Bookstore Day, which was April the 29th (the box arrived on April the 27th, so the timing was perfect), and another one promoting this novel called Night Witches by Kathryn Lansky. You know I love me some bookmarks, so these babes went straight to the collection.

I also got this magazine thingy with lists of top ten books in general, and then more specific lists according to age. This helped me add some titles to my TBR, so thanks for that Book Drop!

Now, for the book I was pleasantly surprised because I’d seen it a lot before but had been hesitant to buy it. Well, now I don’t need to decide because I finally got it. The novel is called Nora & Kettle by Lauren Nicolle Taylor, and as soon as I read it you’ll get a review, I promise.

I honestly think this box can be a very good fit for people who, like me, are open to reading different things and are not fixed into only one genre. If you like subscription boxes but can’t afford to spend $30 dollars a month on one, this is also great for you, and you’d really enjoyed it if you want to get to know more indie authors.

What other subscription box, from CrateJoy or other company should I try and why?

Happy reading!

Love, Miss Camila

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