My Workout Regime

My Workout Regime

Ebook.pngHello and happy Sunday. I know I have previously talked to you about the changes I’ve made in order to be healthier, and that’s why today I want to talk to you about my workout regime. I didn’t call it a “routine” because, rather than being a series of exercises I do every day, it’s more of a specific type of exercise I do. Let me explain that a little more.

As much as I’d love to work out every single day, the truth is that as a teacher I get home absolutely exhausted and I physically don’t have the energy for daily exercises. That being said, part of a consistent workout is becoming fitter and stronger so that at some point I can be able to endure exercising daily.

Currently my workout regime is divided in two: what I do on weekdays and what I do on weekends. I’m going to start with the weekend because it doesn’t require much explanation. On Saturdays I don’t work out because I take classes in the morning, so my exercise is limited to Sundays and holidays, which is when I go to Zumba. I take one or two one-hour classes.

Now, I’ve done Zumba for almost three years, so that’s an established part of my life; what has changed recently is my weekday workout regime, which was nonexistent up until a couple of months ago.

Basically on weekdays I alternate between 20-minute Lumowell routines and Total Crunch. On Mondays and Wednesdays I do the Lumowell routines. I started with ten-minute routines and have increased the duration of the workouts. I follow their Youtube channel and what I do is select a different workout each day. On Tuesdays and Thursdays I work on this machine called Total Crunch. I’m at five minutes right now and my idea is that as my resistance increases, the duration of the exercise will too.

What is your workout regime? Let me know!

Happy Sunday!

Love, Miss Camila

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