Things I Wasn’t Told at the Interview

100th day.pngHello and happy Saturday. The school year is coming to an end, and I must admit it went by way quicker than I thought.

It was a special year for me because it was my first year as a professional teacher working at a school. It was a challenging year, and although I knew that the first year teaching is always the worst, I systematically told myself “this isn’t going to be like that for me, I’ve got this,” until I decided to just go with it and admit that I didn’t have to be the perfect teacher and it was okay to mess up because I had zero years of experience.

I’m going to talk more in depth about this in another post because today I want to tell you about stuff I wasn’t told about during the interviews for my current job which I then had to learn. Here we go:

1. It’s not “just a couple of Saturdays”

I was told I had to go to work only two Saturdays in the year. So far I’ve counted four, plus one Friday when I had to stay until eight o’ clock at night. It didn’t really bother me, having to go to school on Saturday or staying til late on a Friday, especially on fun school events. The thing is, Saturdays are my days for doing stuff that’s not related to school. On Saturdays I used to work out and I’m currently taking Portuguese classes. I can’t miss my classes and even if I could, I don’t want to be missing out on a commitment I made. And yes, I know I have a commitment with my school as well, but I planned those classes on days when I’m not teaching, days that should totally belong to me because they’re part of the weekend. Am I overreacting? I think not.

2. Some moms will make it their personal mission to destroy you

I don’t know what’s the deal with meany moms, but it’s something I hadn’t experienced at my previous job. I currently work with three grades, and I’ve had all sorts of problems with the moms of the oldest kids. They have this Whatsapp group and they apparently talk to each other all day every day. Based on the amount of notes I got this year, they also get together to bombard me with the silliest notes ever. Granted, they have calmed down a ton and now I get the occasional, very polite note. There are some moms I genuinely like, and who seem to appreciate what I’ve done for their boys. The pre-k and Kindergarten parents are awesome, so it makes up for all the other ones.

3. It is possible to work in a place where people are nice. That includes your boss

This year was hard, but man, it’s so good to have found a group of teachers who act like grownups, who are civilized and so very helpful. I remember one particular fight with my fellow teacher and it was horrible. And don’t get me started on my boss because there wasn’t a single conversation of ours that wasn’t coated in passive-aggressiveness. My current boss has never raised her voice when talking to me and she’s helped me a whole lot, especially with the problem I’ve experienced and talked about before. I feel supported, and though I don’t have a work team per se, I’m surrounded by people who help me whichever way they can.

That’s it for today’s post. I’ll be documenting what I’ve been doing with my boys these past weeks so be sure to check out my blog regularly.

Happy teaching!

Love, Miss Camila

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