My TBR Jars

My TBR Jars

Hello and happy Wednesday. Have you ever experienced a reading slump? I’ve been on many, and I think that’s because I get easily bored of pretty much anything and everything, so it’s easy for me not to feel passionate a book I’m reading or not to feel motivated to start a new one.

I’ve come up with different strategies to deal with my reading slumps, but I think the one that’s worked the best is having TBR jars. I say “jars” because I have one for books in Spanish, and another one for books in English. The small one is the Spanish one, and I’ve had it for almost two years, I think.

I made my TBR jar for English books because I had a ton of titles to read (the ones in the jar and not even half of them) and I was sort of getting overwhelmed when I had to decide what to read next. I needed a system that worked better than the list I have written down in my super handy bookish notebook, and so I decided the best system was to just leave the choice to randomness and luck.

Doing your own TBR jar is easy and fun. I used an old Yankee Candle jar, and made sure I removed all the stickers around it. I got my super long list of books I want to read and wrote each title down in a lined paper I then cut in strips. I folded each strip and put it inside the jar, and that was it!

I have to admit that I haven’t yet used my jar because I still have a list of books I started and want to finish, but I can’t wait to put it in practice because I think this is a cute and fun way to pick new books to read without having to sit down and make a conscious decision, which is sort of what bores me and gets me to go into reading slumps. Hopefully, it’ll work.

Do you have a TBR jar or any other system to pick the books you’ll be reading? Tell me about it!

Happy reading!

Love, Miss Camila

6 thoughts on “My TBR Jars

  1. Yes, I love this idea too and most of the time, random picks are how I choose to read my next book anyway. This way, the cover and/or author wouldn’t influence me at all. I may have to break mine out into two jars though like you did as I always want to be reading a YA and a Middle Grade at the same time. I’m a visual person, so this keeps getting more and more appealing as I think about it.


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