Maintaining My Hair Color Without Dye

Hello and happy Sunday. I thought it would be fun and useful if I shared with you the things I do to maintain my hair color, but that can be used to play with coloration without actually using dye. 

I first dyed the tips of my hair hot pink (I think the name of the dye was “pink fetish” or something like that) in December 2013 and have tried a variety of tones ever since. In my Hair Update post I shared with you my original cut and color, a light blonde with platinum highlights lob or long bob.

For a while I just let my hair color sort of naturally adapt, but I noticed brassiness and yellow patches, so I got a tone correcting shampoo that was more towards the beige side. It’s the one in the middle of the picture. I started using it once a month and I’m currently applying it every two weeks. I also got the Blue Therapy one, which I feel helps more with the brassiness and the yellow/ orange patches, but is super drying, so I use it less frequently.

Now, I used the mask on the left once after using the shampoo because I’d recently come back from a trip where my hair had been exposed to the sun and I was starting to feel like Goldilocks. If you have yellowish or golden hair, I don’t have anything against you; I dyed my hair those tones a while ago, I’m just more into gray/ beige/ platinum tones now. This mask sort of brought back those gray highlights I originally had and made the color more towards the ashy side.

I haven’t dyed my hair since July last year, so I’ve maintained its color exclusively with shampoo and masks. To avoid having dry tips, I use chia and argan oil, especially the day after I wash my hair.

Do you dye your hair? What do you do to maintain its color? Let me know!

Happy Sunday!

Love, Miss Camila

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