Teachers on a Trip

Hello and happy Saturday. No, I’m not talking about *that* kind of trip; I’m straightedge, remember? I’m talking about a trip I went on with my older students a few weeks ago. I was directly in charge of a group of eight kinder boys, along with another teacher who’s actually homeroom teacher, and I had a great time for the first twenty minutes. After that, I wanted to run home and sleep for a week straight.

You know I’m not a mom and I don’t think I’ll be one for a long while, but I kept thinking “wow, these kids are six years old, they’re too young to be away from home for three whole days,” but really I don’t know if I’d forbid my kids to go on this kind of trip if it were a school activity. I would probably get their teacher a huge basket full of goodies as a thank you or maybe set up a spa day afterwards because man, caring for those kids was exhausting.

As a teacher I obviously have a huge responsibility in the classroom, but when we were away I had to be a mom and a teacher. We had to help the boys get their clothes ready and we had to supervise them while they got ready, telling them to wash their heads and helping them apply sunscreen; and that, of course, after we were ready. I managed to wake up (before six a.m!), get ready, read, and put makeup on, which I consider an accomplishment.

I think that first stage of the morning, and the night rituals (the nights themselves) were the most exhausting, at least for me they were, because it was in those moments when I had to stop acting like a teacher and be in charge of stuff I’m not used to. If you’re a mom, these things come naturally, but if you’re not, you have to learn, and boy, did I get a crash course.

I’m one of those teachers who say yes to everything, even if internally I’m rolling my eyes and wondering why me, so I’m sure I’ll go on a school trip next year or any year I’m asked. I only hope that on the following trips I can be with older kids who are more independent and can do more things by themselves.

Have you gone on a school trip with your students? Tell me about it!

Happy teaching!

Love, Miss Camila


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