The Witch is Not Dead!

Hello and happy Wednesday. Sorry if the title of this post got you rolling you eyes at me, but trust me, it’s not really a Dorothy Must Die spoiler. I mean, maybe it is, if you think hard enough, but then you have to know the characters and the story, and then it wouldn’t really be considered a spoiler, would it?

I finally finished the first novel by Danielle Paige and I feel that I have a lot to say about it, so hopefully I remember it all and share it with you.

I started reading this story in October last year and then at some point, after having advanced just a little bit, I put it aside and only got back to reading it earlier this year. After finishing it, I did read some reviews on Goodreads, which you know I normally don’t do, but some comments were in accordance to things I felt while reading.

There was this review that caught my eye because the reader said they didn’t really connect with the story, and that was a feeling I had at first and that caused me to stop early on. This book is mostly set in Oz, so we have the magic world and the fantasy and the characters, but I feel that this re-introduction to Oz was made at the same time with the whole explanation of what had happened after Dorothy had left to Kansas, and I that was just too much, at least for me, you know? Like I was given a ton of information about Amy, the main character, and her life in Kansas and then what took her to Oz and then the story of Oz and it was a lot to process.

Of course, once I gave the book a second chance and started reading bit by bit, I had time to process each piece of information and really understand everything I read. This is when I started to be genuinely interested in the story and Amy and, of course, Dorothy. By the title we already know that somebody wants Dorothy dead, but the how and the why are just so interesting.

The second half of the novel was what got me super obsessed, to the point where I would wake up earlier than usual and read until I had to get up and start getting ready. I was totally into reading about Amy’s training with the Order of the Wicked, and the descriptions of Dorothy’s palace, and I fell in love with Nox, and I just wanted to keep reading. It became easier for me when I was done with the first half.

Now, this is the first book in a series, which means that some stuff has to remain unresolved for the following books to make sense. That is obvious. I was sort of upset, however, with the way Dorothy Must Die ended, because it was as if it did halfway through a scene. That upset me because I know that once I take the next book in the series, I’ll have to go back and at least read the last couple of pages again or else I’d be lost. I feel that more stuff could have been resolved and it wasn’t, so there’s that.

Are you into retellings? Is there any I should read? Let me know!

Happy reading!

Love, Miss Camila

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