Cleaning My Beauty Sponges

Hello and happy Sunday. I was recently on a trip away from home, and of course I took some makeup with me plus my beauty sponges. I noticed, though, that they were looking kinda gross, especially the one I use to apply BB cream (you know, the one in the left that looks light brown but is actually light blue?). So, of course, the day after I came back home, after going through an intensive hair and skin care ritual, I decided to wash my beauty sponges. In this post I will guide you step by step through this process, which though annoying for me is super easy and also necessary. Let’s get started!


Step number one is soaking the sponge and squeezing it to get rid of excess product. This is something I’ll do continually: soaking and squeezing, but I do this first step without any soap or cleaning product to remove all or most of the foundation on the outside of the sponge, to make the actual cleaning with a product easier.






My secret ingredient for cleaning makeup sponges and brushes is the Johnson’s Baby original shampoo, and it works wonders. I put a bit on top of my beauty sponge, and then squeeze it while its under cold water. I do sort of “massage” the sponge to make sure the shampoo is all over. At first a lot of foundation comes out and it’s actually gross for me to see that, but you have to keep repeating the process until no foundation comes out. That way you know the sponge is really clean.



See? A lot came out already but we’re still missing the parts I use to directly apply both my foundation and concealer, so more shampoo/ soaking/ squeezing is needed.

Now, you might see, especially with pink sponges, that dye is coming out. That’s a bit creepy, but I’m thankful that it comes out so that less chemicals touch my skin every day…you know I like to keep it natural (yeah right).




When you squeeze the sponge and nothing comes out, that means it’s clean. I squeeze it hard with my bare hand first so that it doesn’t soak the towel I’m going to use, then with said towel I squeeze again until the sponge is not dripping and it doesn’t feel heavy, because if it does, it means that it’s still got water on the inside. 






The final step is leaving the sponge or sponges on a towel to dry. I do this for 24 hours
and then my sponges are as good as new!


I hope you found this step-by-step guide useful. Please let me know if you have any more tips and tricks or if there’s anything you’d like to learn about my routines and regimes.


Happy Sunday!

Love, Miss Camila


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