My Electronic Devices for Reading

Hello and happy Wednesday. Let’s talk about ebooks and how they’ve made my reading life so much easier. I know some people don’t like ebooks and I totally respect that preference but I definitely don’t share it, I mean you can’t begin to imagine the amount of money I have saved in books thanks to their electronic format. I have already talked a bit about international shipping and how it takes the longest time and is very expensive, so buying ebooks, although probably less sexy or hyped is a great alternative. Today I’m going to talk to you about the three devices I use for reading ebooks as well as the apps or sites through which I get and buy the books.

First, we have my cute little Kindle in the comfy pink case. I got it a long time ago and actually bought a refurbished device. This means it had been previously used but was all set up so that it worked like a new one. Honestly, you wouldn’t think it’d been used before. This, of course, is a cheaper option than buying a brand new Kindle, especially if like me you’re not picky about the lighting and color of the pages, and whether is a touch screen or not. My Kindle is the most basic version but if does what it’s supposed to do. I’m currently using this babe for two things: one, I sometimes take it when I travel, and two, here’s where I get my NetGalley ARCs.

Less than a year ago I bought the Kindle Fire 7, basically because it was super cheap and also because it is magenta. Those might not be very good reasons to buy a tablet but I paid for it with my money, so I don’t have to give any explanations. I use this to read most of my ebooks, since it’s now my “main” device. Although originally I’d gotten it to use it as a tablet too, I only use it really for reading and listening to audiobooks on Audible.

Finally there’s my tablet, which I’ve had for the longest time, and I recently started using it for my Riveted free reads. I recently read You + Me = Us by Aaron Karo using this site. You can see my review here.

Do you like ebooks? What devices do you own for reading them? Let me know!

Happy reading!


Miss Camila

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