Hair Update

Hair Update

Hello and happy Sunday. I think I’ve told you before that my hair is like my little baby. I care for it more than anything else, especially since I started dyeing it because I want it to be strong and healthy. Last year, in July, I decided to go for a more extreme look. I’d had my ombré hair for a while and had this long waves, so obviously I went ahead and dyed it all a really light blond and cut it a little bit below my shoulders.

It was definitely an extreme look but I’ve loved every second of my new hair. Now, something I’ve noticed throughout the years of experimenting with both crazy and more conservative colors is that my hair’s natural color always manages to be seen, like actually my hair color is both the dye and my hair, if that makes any sense. I have a whole regimen to maintain my hair color, but I’ll talk about it in depth in another post.

Besides drastically changing my color preferences and leaving aside the dark colors (just kidding, I still rock my gray lipstick), it is obvious that my hair has changed a lot. In the “before” picture we can clearly see a yellowish undertone -though I specifically said I didn’t want to end up with yellow hair…we both know it takes a bit for the dye to “settle”- as well as some very light, almost white highlights. The dye starts really high but it doesn’t begin at the roots; I never touch my roots. In both pictures I have wet hair, but in the first one my hair looks sort of stiff, like maybe all the chemicals dried it a bit or something. It’s also clear that I got rid of a lot of volume.

Now let’s go to the “after” picture, and before I talk about my hair, can I just say I love the way I styled my eyebrows for this? Okay, now focus on the hair. I have it half up but I think the picture clearly shows some differences between before and now. Clearly my hair has grown a lot because there is no light coloring on the roots or even on the top of my head; that’s all my natural hair color. As I see the picture I fall more in love with how my hair looks because honestly, in almost a year I haven’t dyed it or cut it and yet it feels like a completely different style from the original one.

My natural hair color is ash blond, and you can see the undertone, even though it’s lighter than the roots. I also love how the highlights have acquired this nice beige tone, which is still light but way softer than the platinum/nearly white I got at first. The color is friendlier, less harsh or extreme, which, again, was what I went for last year.

Texture-wise my hair is a dream. I think it’s safe to say that nowadays it is way healthier than it was last year, maybe because I haven’t used any dye. But it’s also noticeable in the way my hair falls in these nice little waves, unlike the way it did in the “before” picture.

I believe healthy hair is more important than long hair any day, but knowing that it has grown is also great. Because of my hairdo you can’t see the asymmetrical cut, but there’s a strand of hair in the front part of my hair that is longer than the rest. In March I started taking Sugar Bear Hair vitamins, and I talked in depth about them here. I took them for a month and am waiting to see if I’ll buy them again. I want to, but they are a bit pricey, so we’ll see if maybe in the future I do. I believe taking these vitamins accelerated my hair-growing process, and it was noticeable. My hair looks shinier and healthier, which is also great. It also looks fuller, and honestly, who doesn’t like volume? If you’re thinking about getting these vitamins, I would recommend them, but, again, keep in mind that they’re not cheap.

How has your hair changed in this year? What are some of your hair care regimes? Let me know!

Happy Sunday!

Love, Miss Camila