February + March Owl Crate Unboxing

February + March Owl Crate Unboxing

Hello and happy Wednesday. It’s almost the end of April, which means people must be getting their OwlCrate boxes by now. I’m used to getting mine one month later, which is totally okay, because I’m still getting all the goodies, only a little bit after everyone else has gotten theirs.

This time I actually got both my February and March boxes during the same week, so I decided to tell you what I think about everything I got.

Let’s start by the cutest lip balm by Geek Fire Labs , which has a taste that reminds me of my trips to the U.S. I know it’s supposed to taste like a cinnamon donut, but that’s not it because I hate cinnamon and love this flavor. I get the donut part. This balm is now in my backpack and is one of my essentials. The candle and the bookmark are from Frostbeard Studio. Now, I collect bookmarks, so that went straight to the box where it’ll live with its friends until I decide to take it out and use it. The candle smells like cake and all the good things in the world, but I don’t light candles in my room, so it is now sitting in my sister’s room, and she’s enjoying it a ton.

I also got the cutest, biggest, most useful tote bag (trust me, I’m a teacher, I’m in constant need of tote bags) from eviebookish. I’ve already used it to carry my teacher stuff around and I’ll be reaching for it a lot in the future.

I love everything stationery and in this box I got two things that are simply the cutest: a notepad from Attic Journals, made from cards that were thrown away at a casino; and these circus-themed page flags from Girl of All Work.

Finally, I got Caraval by Stephanie Garber, and I’ve heard A TON about this book, and I’ve listened to many people summarize the plot, so by now I have a very solid idea of what is going to happen in this book. I want to read it and find out how everything happens, though. Some people have said it’s sort of problematic, but honestly, I’m still super interested in it, and so if it is problematic, I’ll find out as I read it.

(Go get a drink and some chips, and prepare for the March unboxing).

The theme for March was something along the lines of “ships and the sea” or something like that…right? I’m not really a fan of pirates, but I’m open to everything, and I found this box to be pretty interesting.

My mom absolutely loved the tea towel by Kitch Studios and we agree 100% that the quote is amazing. I’m also very happy that I got an item that more people in my family can enjoy.

Now for the things I love, let’s talk stationery. The pad from Boy Girl Party makes me want to write a million notes, but it also makes me just want to stare at the pretty drawings forever. I also got the prettiest washi tape from Simply Gilded with a mermaid-y design I’m obsessed with. That went straight to my tape box (yes, I have a box full of gorgeous tape. Want a post about it? Let me know!).

I loved all the stuff I mentioned earlier, but I haven’t told you about my favorite item in the box. Can you spot it in the picture? Yes! You’re correct! My favorite item is the necklace by The Geeky Cauldron. I mean, it’s long and it has a compass and an anchor and I’m obsessed with it. I kid you not, the weekend after I got this box, I dressed specifically to be able to wear this necklace. Owl Crate people, pretty please keep including jewelry in your boxes.

Now for the book, which is Daughter of the Pirate King by Tricia Levenseller. I hadn’t heard about this book before people started getting it in their March boxes, so really I got to know about it through other people’s unboxings and hauls. I haven’t read many books about ships or the sea, and I definitely haven’t read a book about a pirate, so I love the fact that my first will be about a female one. I think it’s going to be super badass and empowering, and I’m excited that I got it.

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Are you subscribed to OwlCrate? What was your favorite item from the boxes I talked about? Let me know!

Happy reading!

Love, Miss Camila