Things That Smell Nice

Things That Smell Nice

Hello and happy Sunday. For some reason, in the past few weeks I’ve been asked by several people what I’m wearing in terms of fragrance, so after replying to them (turns out every day I got asked that question, I was wearing a different splash or perfume), I decided it would be cool to tell you all about the products I spray or apply to my body in order to smell nice.

Let me clarify something first: I own way more products but I haven’t opened them since I want to finish these ones first. I’m also working on filling up my “empties” bin so that I can do a post on them in the future.

As for body lotion, I only have two at the moment. I wear lotion on Sundays, which usually are my lazy days, after showering. On the left we have Rose des Champs from L’Occitane, which was a present from my sister and is the smoothest, silkiest lotion and is amazingly moisturizing. I’ve also got Our Moment from One Direction, and I basically bought it because yes, it is a One Direction lotion and I needed it in my life. I hadn’t used it for the longest time but have been wearing it more often lately and I’m almost through with it.

Something you have to know about my fragrance style is that 95% of the time I’ll go for products with a pink or golden package. In terms of scent, I love everything flowery, everything citrus, and basically stuff that is strong but not necessarily sweet. I don’t like vanilla scented stuff, so you won’t see much of that in this haul.

Let’s continue with my fancy products, you know? I’m talking about the actual perfumes, which to be honest, by looking at the picture, I must admit I didn’t buy for myself. Literally all of the perfumes I own have been presents.

I have Love of Pink by Lacoste, which as far as I know has been discontinued for a while now. This means I’ll wear it just once in a blue moon. There was a time, though, when it was my go-to fragrance. That time, of course, happened before I started hoarding products the way I do now.

So Pink by GAP is the perfume I’ve worn for eight years now. I got my first splash as a present and now I own the perfume, the splash and lotion. If I had to just wear one kind of scent for the rest of my life it’d be So Pink.

We then have a perfume I got from my uncle. I assume the name’s 35 by Essence Nature, which I think is an Argentinian brand, but I’m not sure. This smells sort of like honey, and I really like it. Next to it is a mini version of the Carolina Herrera L’Eau Fraiche, which to me smells like what a very rich college girl must smell like during the spring. It is so classy, I don’t even feel like my life’s exciting enough for me to wear it…maybe to a job interview or a date if I ever go on one?

Moving on to the bottom row, we have the hugest bottle of My Burberry, which I basically shower in every time I wear it. I wear perfume for special occasions only, and that includes Fridays, because at the school where I’m currently working, we have a flag raising ceremony every Friday and there’s a special uniform everyone at school must wear. If you want to splurge on the best perfume you have smelled in your life, do yourself a favor and buy My Burberry.

Next to my favorite is Fancy Girl by Jessica Simpson, which was a present from my dad. It smells nice, and it’s actually a product I wear on an everyday basis, unlike the other perfumes. I love the scent, I just wish it had glitter too.

Princess by Vera Wang was my baby for the longest time because it was actually my only fancy perfume. Now that my collection has grown, I wear it more frequently and just like with My Burberry, I shower in it and love every second of the process.

Splash or body mist or however you call it in your country is what I wear Mondays through Thursdays. I’m not afraid of wearing too much of them because if I finish a bottle, I have three unopened ones. Basically body mist is something I always have a lot of in stock and it is something I allow myself to experiment with. I’m surprised not to see any Bath & Body Works products because whenever I travel to the U.S I restock on them, but I think that’s because I’m saving the ones I recently bought for when I’m done with at least one of those in the picture.

First and foremost we have a body mist I bought at Sanborn’s in Mexico. Yes, I bought it because it is a Hello Kitty body mist. I actually bought two different scents, one is currently in my locker at work for emergencies. We then have Starlit Wish from Victoria’s Secret, and I think this is the only product that contains a considerable amount of vanilla in its composition. I wear it to Zumba because I don’t shower before going to work out so I need something rather strong to cover the fact that I’m dirty.

Like I told you before, I have a So Pink body mist, and I also have this Benetton splash, which my dad gave me. I like this one because as the name says it’s super energizing, and I also like the fact that its scent is pretty different to what I currently own and it’s good to change things up every once in a while.

What are your favorite fragrances? Let me know!

Happy Sunday!

Love, Miss Camila

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