My Supplies Closet Needs a Makeover

My Supplies Closet Needs a Makeover

Hello and happy Saturday. This is the second time I try to write this post, so hopefully this time I’ll be able to finish and publish it. By the title you can tell that I’m going to talk about my very messy supplies closet, the one I have at home. You see, over the years I’ve accumulated stuff that I’ve kept just in case I need it. It came in handy last year when I was working at this place where we didn’t really have many resources, so I brought things from home to use in my classes. As soon as I organize it, I’ll share an update with you, but for now let’s dig in the mess.

On my top shelf, we sort of have three sections. The one on the right is where I have a ruler and my three hole puncher. I have two shoe boxes, which I laminated with a nice contact paper. One of them has some bingo markers and also dice, as well as a small box of erasers. I like to have some essentials in stock, and I also collect erasers that come in different colors and shapes. The other shoe box is full of highlighters, which I started collecting in university.

The big box is full of all things stationery, so all kinds of paper and cardboard, as well as a few sticker books I haven’t yet used. In the middle section I have a box full of cables and wires, my alphabet stamp box, which is too big to fit in my other stamp box, an extension in case I need several power sources, and also a box of adhesive labels because I label everything I take to work with my name.

The section in the right has all the fun stuff. That’s where I have my stickers, temporary tattoos, and stamps .

The bottom shelf is really the messy one. There two sections, though to be honest I did have to open a few boxes here to see what I kept because I couldn’t remember. In the left, I have two shoe boxes. The larger one is full of supplies for crafts, like popsicle sticks, paint, and rhinestones. The one on top has all of my board markers. In this section I also have a Pirouline can with scissors. I’m into recycling and re-purposing things, so you will see a lot of boxes and cans covered in contact paper.

Separating both sections I have a couple envelopes and two of my hand pointers. The orange plastic box is my task card box. I like to do my own resources, so that’s where I store them. I also keep bookmarks, Christmas cards and other things that might come in handy someday. Behind that box I have a stack. The base of that stack is another shoe box full of all sorts of tape and bits of contact paper. I have duct tape, washi tape, transparent tape, you name it, I have it. On top of that, I have a box where I keep my flash cards and other scraps of cardboard. Then I have two small boxes, one full of silk paper and another one with rewards like mini erasers and small toys. Finally, there’s a tray-like box where I have all sorts of glue.

Now for the bottom part, we have on the left my collection of contact and wrapping paper; in the middle I have a box full of markers, colors, crayons and basically anything to draw, write or color, and in the right I have a box full of posters I’ve made.

That’s it for my messy supplies closet. If you’d like to see a more in-depth post on something I mentioned here (my sticker collection, for example) please let me know.

Happy teaching!

Love, Miss Camila