A Middle Grade Read You’ll Love

A Middle Grade Read You’ll Love

Hello and happy Wednesday. Does it ever happen to you that you add a book to your wish list and then totally forget why you added it, but you still get it and then it just sort of sits there waiting for you to pick it up?

This is what sort of happened to me with When You Reach Me by Rebecca Stead. I have absolutely no clue where or when I first read about this book or why I added it to my wish list. I just know I got it at this lovely bookstore in Bogota and left it there for months until a few weeks ago when I picked it up.

I never read what a book is about before I actually open it and begin reading it, so I didn’t catch the fact that it’s middle grade until I had made a considerable advance and by then I was already hooked. And the reason, I think, why this book caught my eye from the moment I opened it was the fact that Miranda, the main character, was absolutely amazing.

You see, she was super smart and curious and loved this book about time travel, and sometimes she behaved in was that as a reader I wasn’t expecting. I guess sometimes we grow used to characters being perfect and always acting the right way, and when they don’t it’s absolutely refreshing, because things like that, details that remind us that characters, although fictional, are still human, are the ones that make a book believable.

When You Reach Me, however, has quite a bit of sci-fi in it and the fact didn’t even make mad. I mean, the author’s style was so nice and natural, that while I read I sort of took in all the sci-fi bits as just that, a part of the story.

What I liked the most about this book, though, is that it got me thinking about stuff I never stop and question. I mean stuff related to time and how it is a construct, and time traveling, whether it can happen or not. While I was reading, mostly in a bus on my way to work, I literally had to put the book down and try to make sense of what I just read. And if that happens to a twenty-three year old teacher, imagine the positive impact it can have in tweens!

Have you, as an adult, read a middle grade book that impacted you? Tell me about it!

Happy reading!

Love, Miss Camila