On Vitamin Supplements

On Vitamin Supplements

Hello and happy Sunday. A few weeks ago, I mention that I’d started taking B Complex vitamins per my nutritionist’s recommendation, and that I would talk more about that later on. Guess what? It it later on, so today my post is about the dietary supplements I’m currently taking.

Now, before I begin, let me clarify that I bought the products myself (so this is totally not a sponsored post) and that I’m not a doctor or anybody who has the authority to say whether you should try these or not; I just want to tell you about my own experience, which thankfully has been very successful. So, now that we got that out of the way, let’s get started.

As I said before, I started taking B Complex after my first appointment with my nutritionist, which was on the second week of February. She did tell me to buy the Sundown ones because they won’t have me peeing a radioactive yellow, but I found the next best thing and they’ve worked for me just fine. Yes, I pee radioactive yellow sometimes; no, it doesn’t bother me in the slightest. These vitamins have increased my energy levels, which my teacher friends should know is no easy task. I’ve also noticed that my nails are stronger and that they grow at a faster pace, and that my hair is less opaque, so in the roots (and the non-dyed parts) I’m getting my original hair color back.

To specifically help my hair and nails, though, given that the B Complex vitamins help more in the health department rather than the beauty one, I recently bought and started taking my Sugar Bear Hair vitamins. I found out about them through Manny MUA and they are simply amazing. I haven’t taken them for that long, but as soon as I reach the one-month mark with them, I’ll post an update. These are vegetarian gummies (if you didn’t know about this, most gummies use animal substances to get that jelly-like consistency) which taste great and are targeted specifically to help hair and nails grow strong and healthy. This is because they have a ton of biotin. Now, my B Complex vitamins have biotin, but only 33% of the daily value, whereas the Sugar Bear Hair vitamins have 1667%.

Taking both vitamins at the same time hasn’t caused my any health problems, and I think they actually complement each other really well. I feel way more energized and as I’ve said, I’ve already started to see a change in my hair and nails, so that’s pretty exciting. Do you take any supplements?

Happy Sunday!

Love, Miss Camila

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