Desk Tour Part 2: Shelves

Desk Tour Part 2: Shelves

My Teaching Resolution.pngHello and happy Saturday. I don’t know how long ago I made a post (on my previous teaching blog) about what I keep in my desk at work, but I had yet to talk about my shelves, which is where I currently store many of the things I literally have no idea where to place. I thought it would be cool to let you know what I have in them and what my organization system is about, so let’s get started!

I have six shelves all to myself while most teachers have two or four. This is because I teach five different classes but I’m not a homeroom teacher, so I need a big space to place my things. Four of my shelves are behind my desk, so it’s really easy for me to reach for whatever I need. I have to stand up and walk around my desk to reach the other two, but because these are larger, I use them for big books and materials I need in classes, like I’ll grab them as I’m leaving to class.

The shelf that’s closer to me is the one that has my essentials. I’m talking about my glitter pens and my Sharpies. There I also keep a folder full of scratch paper, so it’s basically my emergency shelf. Next to it, I store whatever is not as important, but I still reach for often. Here’s where I have my stamps and ink pads, my hole puncher, my spare board markers, and a giant binder where I file all the photocopies I use in my classes. This, I guess, is for reference for the next year. I also have a folder with ready-made copies, which is where I keep the copies we didn’t use so that next year they can be taken out without the need to get even more photocopies.

One of my lower shelves serves the only purpose of being my backpack’s bed for the day. There I also put the theme books when I have to plan the whole term because those books are annoyingly big and heavy and can’t be put elsewhere. Next to that shelf, I have one where I’m currently storing my magazine box, which I made using an Amazon box, thick tape and a ton of stickers, and I also have some posters my Kindergarten boys made, which I’ll be needing later on.

My two larger shelves, as I already explained, serve the purpose of storing the things I need for my classes. Basically every one or two weeks I’ll go to storage and get the materials I’m going to use in the near future. I have them in those shelves until I use them and then make my visit to storage again. The top shelf is for Pre-K and Kindergarten, while in the lower shelf I have some science books I once used with Kindergarten, as well as the big books I use with 1st graders throughout the term.

Honestly, having so many classes, the key to my organization system is dividing things either in terms of importance or by grade. How do you keep your stuff organized?

Happy teaching!

Love, Miss Camila

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