My Book Outlet Experience

My Book Outlet Experience

GOING ON.pngHello and happy Wednesday. Let me tell you a little story that makes me hate the fact that I don’t live in the US or Canada or even the UK, are you ready?

If you follow me on Instagram , you know I’m obsessed with buying books, and only until recently I’ve started buying more physical books online. This is a pain sometimes because of the additional cost of international shipping and also with the amount of time I have to wait to get the books. Thankfully in Colombia, where I live, the supply of YA books in English has increased, and so I tend to buy locally. It still costs me a lot, but the satisfaction is immediate.

A while ago I was watching a video of A Dash of Ash and she did a haul on books she’d gotten via Book Outlet. Of course, I went to their site and saw this super low prices for books I’d been wanting to buy for the longest time. Of February I placed an order to Colombia. I bought three books and Stacks, the teddy bear that’s like their mascot.

I know shipping takes a while because is international, which is why I wasn’t worried, until one day when I decided to track the order in the DHL page and got this message that basically said there was no information about my package, and it might have gotten lost. Still, I waited because maybe the lack of information meant nothing and I was still going to get my stuff, you know? I just had to be patient.

As time passed by, though, I lost my patience. I’d had a similar experience with a package from Book Depository I’d sent my best friend when she was living in France, and what I had to do after she never got it was get in touch and ask for my order to be cancelled. See, the thing is back then I ended up buying the books on Amazon, but this time I really wanted to get them from BookOutlet.

I wrote a message asking for information on my order’s shipping status or for the possibility to cancel the order. I got a reply within minutes saying that because the order was international it was not possible to get information about it, but that they could cancel it and would give me a refund.

Now when I’m upset I get super radical and make decisions almost without thinking, so my idea was to buy the books as soon as I got the refund, but getting them from another store, probably Amazon. As I write this, though, and considering that the prices of the books are so amazingly low, what I’m going to do is buy them on Book Outlet but set them shipped to my P.O box. It will mean that I’ll still have to pay for shipping, but not directly to the store, and hopefully I’ll get my things sooner than I’d expected. When I get them, I’ll do a haul, so stay tuned for that.

What has your experience with international online shopping been like?

Happy reading!

Love, Miss Camila

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