My Journey to Healthy Living: 1 Month Update

My Journey to Healthy Living: 1 Month Update

Hello aAnnouncement.pngnd happy Sunday. It is almost the fourth month of the year already, and besides having to get my best friend a birthday present and getting ready for a spring break by the beach, that means that I have already accomplished three of my resolutions for this year.

I’m a firm believer in resolutions and working towards your goals, and though I think that any time is good to change your life for the better, I always think there’s something about the New Year that really gives us all the opportunity to improve ourselves. 2016 was the year of the badass, and now 2017 is the year of making stuff happen. That means that this year I decided to write a resolution I would accomplish every month of the year. I wrote very concrete and tangible stuff.

My January resolution was to get laser hair removal, so by clicking here and here you can find out how that’s been working out for me. My February resolution was a bit scarier: going to a nutritionist. It was scary for me because my eating habits were crap and I knew I was going to have to make radical changes. But I was ready, you know? I got to a point where eating and living healthy wasn’t a matter of wanting but a need I had.

I’m a vegetarian and have been for eight years, so I looked for a nutritionist that could help me without forcing me to eat animals. I found one online, and besides having great reviews, she had her office pretty close to my house, so I called and set an appointment. The first appointment cost me about $30, and from then on the check-ups cost $22. That’s not cheap at all, but it’s an amount I only have to pay once a month, so it’s not that bad. Besides, having to pay that money is a motivation for me to do well.

The day of the appointment came and the first thing the doctor did was ask me why I’d come. I told her the truth, that even if losing weight was going to be a side effect of the whole process, I’d gone to see her because I wanted to learn how to eat properly. I’m 23 years old and I work with children every day, but that doesn’t mean that I can eat like one.

I got weighed and surprisingly for me I’d maintained my weight for the past year and a half. I thank Zumba for that, because it hasn’t let me gain any more weight. Of course, I hadn’t lost any either because of my eating habits. She calculated by body fat, she measured my height and then we sat down and she broke everything down for me.

Basically, my metabolism was crap, and I had the metabolic age of a 57 year-old. According to my weight I was overweight, but according to the amount of fat in my body I was obese. My water levels were average to low, and all in all I was in worse conditions than I’d originally thought.

What I loved about this doctor, though, was that she was assertive. She didn’t focus on what was wrong but rather on ways to make it better, to make my life better. Then she asked me what I’d eaten that day in every meal, and as I answered I realized just how messed up my eating habits were. She told me she would send me a meal plan, and then she explained me what I should start including in my diet and what I should eliminate immediately. And let me tell you, while she talked, I started feeling motivated because I was being provided with alternatives.

Besides the meal plan and Zumba, I had to start doing 10-minute HIIT workouts once a week. During the first days I was sad and honestly, I was totally confused because I had no idea what to eat. It has been a learning process but now I’ve adapted the meal plan and I feel confident following it. I’m also taking dietary supplements, but I’ll talk more in depth about that later on.

During this first month I lost 3 kg. (6.6 pounds) and I gained muscle mass, which means I’m toning my body, and that’s always great. I don’t have to change anything in my diet, but I did have to increase my workouts to twice a week, 15 minutes per session. It was hard, but I loved it. I’m beginning to notice that some or my clothes are loose and that I have way more energy than I did before, and that keeps me motivated to continue this journey. What were your New Year’s resolutions and what are you doing to accomplish them?

Happy Sunday!

Love, Miss Camila

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