A Review + Free Reads = Best Post Ever

Hello and happy Wednesday. I just finished my 15-minute HIIT workout and I’m feeling equal parts hyped and also like I want to lie down on the floor for a while. I will instead write this post. I get super excited whenever I come across with sites and ideas that will, in a way, help my book-loving readers. This is not a new idea, but it’s one I have decided to give another try. I’m talking about Riveted, which is the site for Simon & Schuster YA reads.

It can interest you because you can get free reads, either full books or extended excerpts. And I’m talking about the greatest YA books. Jenny Han’s books have been available, as well as Morgan Matson’s and Shaun David Hutchinson’s, so even if you’re just curious, you should totally check out this site. What you get is a link, meaning you need to have Internet connection to read the books because you can’t download them. For my latest read, I decided to go ahead and use my old tablet (old as in I’ve owned it for the longest time but it still works perfectly fine). I read the whole book in it and it was great.

Now, I sort of feel like I started from the end, because I’m talking about where and how I got a book but I haven’t talked about said book. I read Me + You = Us (previously titled Galgorithm) by Aaron Karo. I knew from the start that I was really going to like that book because Shane, our main character, is super chill and friendly but also believable. I loved that the whole story was told from his perspective. I enjoyed all of the characters and it was very cool to see a high school that was sort of mainstream and average. I mean, it didn’t have the missing prom queen, or the geek girl who’s suddenly Internet famous because she accidentally posted her journal online or anything like that. There was a bit of drama (understandable, we’re talking about teenagers here), but it was managed in a very rational, close-to-reality way, you know?

This book had been in my wish list for the longest time, and I was super happy to find it and get to read it for free. I posted a picture on Instagram and Aaron Karo, the author was very sweet and commented some heart-face emojis. I really appreciate that, by the way, authors that take time and give love to their readers, even if it is with a smiley face or whatever.

Happy reading!

Love, Miss Camila


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