My Everyday Makeup Before vs. Now

My Everyday Makeup Before vs. Now

Hello and happy Sunday. The other day, as I was doing my makeup, I came up with this idea of comparing how I used to do it four years ago, when I started with how I do it now. I sort of got the inspiration from a video Tati posted recently where she
did the do’s and don’ts, and originally I wanted to do it like she did, half my face with my old makeup techniques and the other half with the makeup the way I do it nowadays. I then decided that it would be more fun to do my whole face one day and then the other, so that’s what I did.

The picture on the left (where I’m wearing a blue and white striped shirt) is the one that shows how I did my makeup at age 19, and the one on the right is how I currently do it. I think regardless of which look is better, the differences are obvious, even though the look idea was the same.

Let me give you a little context here. Ever since I started with makeup, I began to fill a notebook with ideas of looks I got from Youtube. From 2014 to 2015 I wrote tons of looks because I was still sort of growing comfortable with playing around with makeup. Now that I create my own looks and don’t really sit down and copy them. What I did for this experiment was take the first look I wrote down. For the picture on the left, I followed each step as it was, and then the next day I had the idea and incorporated the steps and techniques I use for my everyday looks.

What I’m going to do is list each step I had originally written down and comment on how I changed or added to get my current routine.

Beige + Plum Everyday Makeup

  1. Foundation. Did you notice I missed something? Now my first step is priming. The day I didn’t, my skin felt tight and dry and I feel like I had to spend a lot of time blending. This was probably because now I use a beauty sponge whereas four years ago I was the biggest fan of brushes.
  2. Concealer. Nowadays I apply my concealer before putting on my foundation. I think it gives my face a more natural look. After concealer and foundation I now do my eyebrows. I guess I didn’t think that step was necessary before because I’ve always had thick, full eyebrows, but it currently is a must in my makeup routine.
  3. Powder. You can see that the picture on the left looks darker, and that might be because of the lighting, but I also think it’s because I used to apply powder after getting my foundation and concealer. If you look at the picture closely, you can see that my skin is cakey, whereas nowadays I go for a natural look on weekdays.
  4. Blush. Okay, first of all, I now do my eyes first. I think it’s better if there’s any fallout. Also, before I apply blush, I’ll use some medium powder foundation as a bronzer. Bronzer is what makes me look like a healthy person and not like a zombie or someone who hasn’t seen daylight in years.
  5. Beige (eyelid). I don’t know why I used to do my eyelids and then put on eyeshadow on my crease, but that’s definitely not the way I do it now. I decided to take the beige and plum look, and make it a little smokey, but still super soft. I used a lighter beige for that and then used the darker one I’d used for the eyelid the previous day as my crease and lower lash line color.
  6. Plum (crease). I took the plum I’d originally used for my crease and used it on my outer corner, and then I added a darker shade to give the eyes more depth.
  7. Black line. When I started doing makeup, I didn’t have any liquid eyeliner, I only had one black pencil eyeliner. That’s why most of my looks included a “black line”. I think it made the look too harsh, so the next day I softened it by adding a matte beige to my lower lash line and tightlining with brown pencil eyeliner. It still gives definition to my eyes, but in a subtle, friendlier way.
  8. Mascara. When I started wearing makeup, I fell in love with the Maybelline Falsies mascara, which is still one of my favorites, so in that area I don’t have much to say. Now I own many great mascaras, but that one is great.
  9. Tinted lip balm. Currently I don’t wear tinted lip balm unless I’m going for a natural/no-makeup look. I was pretty happy, though, with how it looked. The next day, however, I went with the soft look again and wore this new pink lipstick I got. I love that shade because I think it’s totally fool-proof and goes well with virtually any eye look you want to go for.

That’s it for my little experiment. Let me know if you want me to try it with other types of looks, like weekend or nighttime.

Happy Sunday!

Love, Miss Camila

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