Math Centers for Teachers on a Budget: Task Cards

Hello and happy Saturday. Today I’ll continue talking about how I created my magic box for math centers without spending any money. Let’s begin by incorporating something I talked about on my previous post, that is, snap cubes. I got the gorgeous task cards from One Beautiful Home, printed them black-and-white, and then colored them with markers. I glued them to colored paper so that they were sturdier and that was it. I didn’t laminate them because I didn’t feel like it. I’m rarely in the mood for laminating, but that forces my students to be extra careful with the materials I give them.

For building shapes, I have two sets of task cards. There are ones in which students have to make shapes using popsicle sticks and they have the model drawn for them. I got those from The STEM Laboratory, which is a great source of activities and printables. I did laminate these cards. See? It’s a matter of mood.

We then have these, more complex cards, which challenge students to build shapes out of other shapes. I got them from Susan Jones Teaching. Now, here I cheated a tiny bit because what I plan on using with these cards is  a set of plastic shapes that I found in storage.I didn’t buy them, so technically I’m still following the “no spending money” rule. As an alternative, though, id you don’t want to spend money on plastic shapes, you can make paper ones. I glued these to origami paper.

Let me know what you use in your classes and whether you have any strategies to save money while having great resources.

Happy teaching!

Love, Miss Camila

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