First Session of Laser Hair Removal (Lower Abdomen and Bikini)

Hello and happy Sunday. Last Friday I had my first laser hair removal session on my lower abdomen and bikini area. As the day of the appointment approached, I started havingLaser Hair Removal.png these mixed feelings; on one hand, I’d already had a session on my armpits and my legs, which was just fine, but on the other hand I’d been told by not one but two people that the bikini area hurt like hell.

I’m not self-conscious about having to take off my underwear in front of a professional, I mean, I know it’s her job and I’m not the only person she’s seen naked for the first time, but I understand that if it makes you uncomfortable, then your experience might not be like mine was.

Like last time, I had to wear this goggles for protection, so I couldn’t see anything. That helped me detach a bit from the whole experience. The lady began with my lower abdomen area, which is basically that line that goes from the bellybutton to the beginning of the pubic area. The pain was mostly like it’d been the last time (barely even, more like heat rather than pain), except for this stripe where the pubic area begins. It wasn’t even the whole area what hurt, but rather a spot close to my right ovary. I felt a sting, and it did hurt. For a moment I was scared that I’d have to tell the lady to stop, but after that the pain went back to what I was used to.

The bikini area hurt just like the others did. It was more than tolerable, really, and it was super quick. I’d get laser a thousand times before having my bikini waxed again. I didn’t get any weird sensation afterwards, I didn’t get any redness or itching or anything like that, and what I’ve seen so far is that it takes way longer for the hair to grow back.

Next session is in April, and then I’ll get all four areas (armpits, legs, bikini, and lower abdomen) treated, so from then on it’s just going to be one post instead of two per session. I also have a checkup appointment soon, so I’ll be sure to let you know what I’m told and what are the next steps.

Happy Sunday!

Love, Miss Camila

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