An Arts and Science Lesson You’ll Love

An Arts and Science Lesson You’ll Love

Hello and happy Saturday. Welcome to this new blog, I already feel like it’s going to let you know a lot more abimg_3171out me and my life inside and outside the school. If you follow me on Instagram, then you already know this week I tried a lesson with my pre-k boys and it was a success, so much so that I wanted to share it with you.

The reason I loved this lesson so much was that I hadn’t really planned it the way it actually happened, I just had this idea a few minutes before the class started and I went with it. I also love it because it reminded me of when I thought integrated skills, because it wasn’t just a science lesson. We went outdoors and had a little hands-on work with realia, we did some artsy stuff and we incorporated all that into a science class, so it was very complete, and at the same time my boys had the chance to do many things in one lesson.

I’m the kind of teacher who will plan the whole term in advance and I’ll just make adjustments to my general planning as I go, so when I saw that for this class I had planned something like “collect and classify leaves” I thought that, well, that was fine, but we could make it more fun and engaging.

I got to the classroom the day of the class and the first thing I did was explain to my boys what we were going to do step by step, so step 1 was going outside to collect leaves. We only picked up leaves from the ground. My boys were so excited about going out of the classroom, they were super quiet and behaved like kings. One rule I gave them besides the one about collecting leaves from the ground, was to collect leaves that were complete, not just pieces of them. Once we had enough leaves, we went to the classroom.

Step 2 was to paint the leaves. Now, when my boys are super engaged in a lesson, they tend to work quietly and they focus completely on their work. For the first time in a while, nobody was talking and everybody was on task! Because my students are still learning to use markers, which is what we used to paint or draw on the leaves, I put a sheet from a magazine on each place to protect the tables. The boys who, even with the protective paper stained their table had to clean it up afterwards.

Here’s another thing I loved about this class: it was eco-friendly. Now, I know that being a preschool teacher means using a ton of resources, but there are things we can do to help our environment. I just told you one: using magazine sheets as scratch paper. Another thing I do is use yogurt cups to put glue. That’s the blue cup you see in the picture. I dream of the day when I have my own class and can fill it with recycled and reused materials.

Now, after step 2 is complete, we moved on to the last step. I gave the boys a handout with drawings of different types of leaves. They had to glue their leaves on top of the drawing that most resembled the ones they picked up. The end result was a gorgeous, sort of collage.

This was definitely my happy teaching moment of the week, and I hope you’re inspired to try this lesson in your classroom.

Happy teaching!

Love, Miss Camila

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