First Impressions: Roomies

First Impressions (1)Hello and happy Wednesday. Today I bring you another fun little post in which I share my thoughts on a sneak peek I was provided by BookishFirst. I had the chance to read chapters 1 through 4 of Roomies by Christina Lauren, and now I’d like to tell you all about my thoughts on this book. Let’s get started, shall we?

From the beginning I could tell this was a contemporary novel. I think it’s under the “new adult” category, but I’m not entirely sure. Anyways, it’s got this chick lit/ romantic comedy vibe that I enjoy from time to time if the story is well-written and proves to be original and “not your typical” NA novel. And the few chapters I read did it for me, they made me want to come back for more in the future.

I think one of the reasons why I enjoyed this sneak peek so much is the fact that I could relate to Holland on many different levels, especially regarding her love life, or lack thereof. She’s literally obsessed with a guy who plays guitar at the subway station, and though my crushes have never reached that level, I could relate to the fact that she learned his schedules to know when to show up and catch a glimpse of him. Yes, I used to be kind of a stalker.

There are some situations in this story that are a bit absurd, and some others that can be predictable, but I guess that’s common in chick lit. I mean, I can see this turning into a movie I’d watch on a Sunday afternoon. Still, it’s so funny, that I let the clichés and the WTF moments slide.

All in all, this is a super fast, pleasant read you’ll go through in a weekend; just make yourself some tea and popcorn and you’re good to go. I’m definitely looking forward to reading this whole book and sharing my full thoughts with you. While that happens, and given that this story is about an unusual crush, tell me about one of yours, or let me know in the comments whether you’d like me to tell you about some of mine.

Happy reading!

Love, Miss Camila

Using a Brush Cleaner

Hello and happy Sunday. Cleaning our makeup brushes is annoying but it’s necessary. I know I don’t do this as often as I should, but every few months I take all of my brushes and wash them with baby shampoo.

My tool of preference used to be my hand, until I found this cleansing tool at Forever 21 for $5. Now, I’d seen this around, but it was very expensive and I didn’t think it was worth the money. For $5, though, I couldn’t complain.

I first let the water run over the tool for a while, and then poured shampoo straight into it. I dampened the tip of each brush and then worked it against the surface of the tool, the way I’d do with the palm of my hand.

The process itself took the same amount of time as when I did it with my hand, but the difference for me is in the effectiveness of the tool. I could see more product coming out of the brushes, which means that they ended up being cleaner than if I’d used my hand. The fact that I didn’t have to be in constant contact with the brushes also felt more hygienic, which was another point in favor of the tool.

All in all, I liked it and I will continue to use it as I saw it worked. Have you used one of these cleansing tools before? What are your thoughts on them? Let me know in the comments!

Happy Sunday!

Love, Miss Camila

First Impressions: As You Wish

First Impressions.png

Hello and happy Wednesday. Remember how I told you I had a new book blogging idea you’d find out about soon? Well, welcome to the first edition of “First Impressions.” This is an idea I’ve had for quite a while now, and which I tried to execute several months ago, but I sort of left it hanging.


Basically my idea was to read excerpts from different books and tell you my impressions, and obviously share with you whether I’d like to read the whole book or not. I did this with an excerpt from an audiobook I got in an OwlCrate a long time ago, but I left it at that post.

Now, fortunately, there’s this site called BookishFirst in which reviewers can get sneak peeks of new releases to review. I say “fortunately” because for me this means I get to read excerpts of new books, and share my thoughts both in the BookishFirst platform and with you. This means that I welcome you to a new series called First Impressions.

My First Impressions posts will be reviews, but I’ll also tell you what chapters of the story I read and whether I’d like to read the whole thing or not. After this super long introduction, I’d like to share my thoughts on the first three chapters of As You Wish by Chelsea Sedoti. Let’s get started, shall we?

This book won me over from the first page because of its originality. I loved the fact that we get a male main character (which I think is still uncommon in YA novels), who works pumping gas. That is clearly the opposite of a cliché and it made me find out more about the story.

The first chapter is all about building this anticipation towards something the reader will find out in the future, and then the “secret” that people in Madison, the town where the story takes place, get to make a wish when they turn 18 and that it comes true for every wisher.

I really liked the direction the story was going, and the sci-fi/fantasy vibe it’s got. I think that makes the novel all the more appealing for different audiences because it combines elements from different sub-genres within the YA category.

It is a fast read, and I think that’s because it catches your attention and makes you want to keep reading to find out what happens next. The chapters are short and they are written in this countdown sort of way, so I’m assuming each chapter is the narration of a different day.

There is family drama, and throughout the first three chapters we get glimpses of it, although not everything is revealed. This is obviously part of the appeal of the novel, and I’m sure once the reader progresses in the story, more information about this drama will be revealed.

I liked the fact that this is “not your typical” story, and I could see that judging by the characters’ names and by their lifestyle. I don’t know much about how people in the States live other than what I’ve read, seen, and the few weeks I experienced when I was a teenager, so it’s cool to read about the small-town life of people near (or in) the Arizona desert.

I will definitely be picking up this book in the future, so expect a review one of these days. And because this story is about wishes, I’d like to know, if you could make any sort of wish and were guaranteed it’d come true, what would you wish for and why?

Happy reading!

Love, Miss Camila


My Orange and Bold Lippies

Hello and happy Sunday. By the title you already know what this post is about, so let’s get started, shall we?

Trestique Matte Color in Costa Rica Coral 

This is actually a two-in-one product, but I decided not to add the lip balm because it’s not visible in the swatches. The matte lipstick is great. It is my go-to lipstick for when I’m on holiday. It is pigmented and it stays on throughout the day. To me this is a very soft shade of orange, and I swear by it.

NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in Morocco 

This is a gorgeous red-based orange. I often wear this shade with my more classic looks to replace the red lip that goes with them. Whenever I wear this lip cream, everyone compliments my makeup, and I love its texture and pigmentation.

NYX Butter Lipstick in Fireball

Apparently, according to the NYX site, this shade no longer exists. This super soft lipstick looks great on its own, but I also love to use it as a base for the lip cream I mentioned before. It is a soft red-based orange, that I would suggest to those people who are starting to play with bolder makeup shades.

NYX Liquid Suede Cream Lipstick in Alien 

I got this lipstick just because I knew I needed a black lipstick in my life. I’ve worn it only for Instagram , and though I know some people wear it to go buy dog food or whatever, I just can’t. This is obviously the queen of bold lipsticks, and you can see in the swatch just how pigmented it is. Seriously, when it dries down it’s like you have paint on your lips. I can’t talk to you about durability because I haven’t worn it for more than an hour or so, but judging by other products from this line, you’ll be set for the day.

NYX Liquid Suede Cream Lipstick in Stone Fox

This shade is still super bold, but I have worn it out. Of course, some people stop and stare because, well, gray lipstick is not very common. When you apply the first coat it looks like a very dark green, and I think because it indeed has a green undertone, but you can work to build up a more solid gray shade. Because the color is so bold and in contrast with my lip color, I did have to reapply a few times during the day.

NYX Liquid Suede Cream Lipstick in Little Denim Dress 

This shade also has a green undertone to it. I’ve worn it, like the black lipstick, only for Instagram. It is super scandalous, and to be honest I’ve never seen anyone wearing it in real life, but it’s still cool to own an electric blue lipstick.

Which is your favorite bold lipstick shade and where would you wear it? Let me know in the comments!

Happy Sunday!

Love, Miss Camila

Goodreads Update



Hello and happy Wednesday. I’m always honest when it comes to the books I’ve read and the ones I haven’t. I rarely post a review on a book I haven’t fully read, unless I was provided a sneak peek or an excerpt. I think adding children’s books to your Goodreads list is kind of like cheating, though I have to admit I did that last year because I needed to reach my goal.

Yes, sadly, on more than one occasion I’ve become one of those people who seem to read only for the sake of achieving their reading goal, of “winning” at the challenge they set for themselves at the beginning of the year. Once, I checked my reading challenge and it showed me that I was five books “behind schedule,” and that had been after I’d modified the goal from 70 books to 65.

At that moment I decided I had three options: I could keep lowering the goal, so that I was always “on track,” although that was sort of like cheating; I could go on reading mode, find a ton of easy, short reads and achieve my goal; or I could just stop caring and decide what I wanted to do was enjoy my reading time without feeling like I had an assignment to fulfill. I picked option number 3, which meant resetting my Goodreads challenge.

Now, I’ve seen many people set their goal to one book, which they accomplish within two hours of establishing the mark. It might appear to be dumb, but the reason for setting a goal is to be able to keep track of the amount of books one reads in the year. I had, for example, read 46 books by the time I decided to forget about a goal. Don’t get me wrong, I still like to keep a record of the amount of books I read in a year, and I still like to challenge myself, I just wasn’t feeling that particular challenge.

In terms of my blog, not having a reading goal doesn’t change anything because I will continue reading at the pace I’m used to, and I even think that you’ll benefit from more in-depth reviews because I’ll be less pressured when reading. I have some interesting ideas you’ll be able to see soon, and that I think can be accomplished because now I don’t “have” to be reading a certain amount of books in a month or in a year.

If you have a Goodreads account and we’re not friends yet, click here  to add me. In the comments, let me know whether you set a reading goal for yourself or not.

Happy reading!

Love, Miss Camila

Empties #4

Hello and happy Sunday. Welcome to another edition of “empties.” By now we all know how it works, no? Okay, let’s review: I’ll list the products I found on my “empties” bin and tell you what I think about them. Pretty easy, huh? Let’s get started, shall we?

L.A Colors Liquid Eyeliner

My dad gave this to me, and I talked about it in this post. I initially said I liked it, but the truth is I rarely used it. I’m an eyeliner pen kinda girl, so I think that made me not reach for this. It’s super pigmented, but I had a problem with it taking forever to dry. I think that was also a reason for me not to use this eyeliner. Basically, it’s in my empties bin because I’m not going to use.

Sally Girl Mini Lipstick

I couldn’t find the name of this lipstick, and I’m pretty sure it’s discontinued, but I used to love it. The reason why it’s in my empties bin is that it broke. It actually broke when I was recording myself putting makeup on, which is something I do on Instagram stories at least once a week. There’s no way it can be fixed, and I have many other lippies, so I don’t think it’s worth keeping one that’s broken.

Sol Eclair 

I don’t know if this is sold in the States, but it’s very used in Colombia. Originally, it was this thing you sprayed on your arms and legs to make the hairs blond, but many people uses it for the hair, too. The product I owned was specifically designed to make your hair progressively lighter. It was travel size, so after applying it everyday for about two weeks, I ran out. I’m not repurchasing it because I’m currently trying to go back to my natural hair color, which is a dark ash blond.

NYX Dewy Finish Setting Spray

This was my only setting spray for a long time, and it never let me down. I literally ran out one day before traveling to the States, and there I bought one bottle of the dewy setting spray and one of the matte.

Sally’s Box Aqua Moist Gel Cream 

I got this in an Ipsy Glam Bag, but it must’ve been a long time ago because I didn’t find it in any unboxing. Anyway, just like other products I’ve gotten in subscription boxes, I used it and it was nice, but when I ran out I didn’t think about buying the full-size version or anything. I used it as a moisturizer, and I liked the way it made my skin feel.

Benefit the Porefessional Face Primer

I got a teeny tiny sample in a Colombian subscription box called Sensebox, and I was super excited because I felt like I was finally in on the Porefessional game like all the cool girls. I really wanted to love this product, and I used it all, which wasn’t hard because, did you see the size of the tube I got? The truth is, I felt this is one of those primers that “vanishes” your pores, and while some people love the effect they have on their skin and its texture, this type of product makes my skin breakout like crazy. That, and the price are the two reasons why I wouldn’t buy this primer in full size.

That’s it for today’s post. In the comments, I’d like you to tell me about a product you love and would repurchase over and over.

Happy Sunday!

Love, Miss Camila

Life Update


Hello and happy Saturday. I have to leave the house in five minutes for a rumba class, so let’s make this quick and pain free.

I think you’ve noticed that for the past few Saturdays there hasn’t been a teaching-related post, and there is a reason for that. I often plan my posts in advance, you know that, but for a while I’ve felt like I don’t have the energy to put together teaching posts, not even when all I need to do is take pictures of what I do in my classes and share them with you, in a “week in review” kind of thing. I’ve been extra busy these weeks, both at work and at home, up to the point in which I’m almost overwhelmed. Almost.

On February 1st I quit my job, or rather, I announced that I would work until the end of the month. That means that, yes, as you read this, I am officially unemployed. I am going to move to Baltimore all the way from Bogotá, Colombia, this June. I will be part of an alternative certification program and I will be teaching in a public school. On March 7th, I will be traveling to Baltimore for an event, and I will also be running errands and getting to know the city that will be my home.

Before I continue, I must say that I’m not in here trying to justify my decisions. I’m not even trying to explain myself; I’m just updating you on something I’ve had to kept a secret for months from many people. I wanted to get that out of the way because I know your logic might tell you “well, she’s just leaving for a week in March (and one in May), and she’ll be moving in June, she could’ve worked things out without quitting her job.” Believe me, I tried to plan everything that way, for the sake of my students and the job I’m leaving behind, but this decision isn’t about them, it’s about me. And in thinking about me, I had to consider my emotional and mental stability, and I had to be realistic: I couldn’t be traveling back and forth while working a full time job.

I decided that I needed time and space. I needed to be able to make arrangements, to buy plane tickets, to cross out items from my to-do list without the pressure of also fulfilling my duties as a school teacher. Quitting was tough, and I mean everything about quitting: gathering the strength and choosing the right words, dealing with the principal’s reaction, telling my close friends at school even though I officially couldn’t announce it to anyone. But it was more freeing than anything else, knowing that I’d have 28 days of closure, and then I would continue with the next stage of my life.

I took 28 days to enjoy my classes and make memories, to leave everything as ready as it could be for the next teacher to come. I took 28 days in which I got home to continue working on school stuff, my Portuguese classes (yes, I take Portuguese classes, how come you didn’t know that), and on the program I’m going to attend in June. And we haven’t even talked about my personal life! Well, we’re not going to talk about it now, but let’s just say that didn’t contribute to the mess that was my brain, either. Imagine if I’d decided to keep working full time.

Why am I writing this on a Saturday and not any other day? Well, I’ve already told you the reason why I haven’t been publishing any teaching posts, and now that for the next few months I won’t actually be teaching, I just can’t promise weekly content. I have ideas of resources I want to create and sell on TpT, and I’ll post about them here, of course, but other than that, the teaching content will go on a semi-hiatus. You’ll still get the bookish and the lifestyle posts because I have many of those scheduled in advance, and I keep writing those on a regular basis.

If you have any ideas of suggestions of posts you would like to read, let me know in the comments, maybe while I go back to teaching I can do different tags or talk about particular aspects of my profession.

Happy Saturday!

Love, Miss Camila

I’ve Been a Bad Ally

Hello and happy Wednesday. I usually try to read my fair share of LGBTQ* books, but I don’t know why I haven’t in a while. The last LGBTQ* book I’ve read in I don’t know how long was The Summer I Wasn’t Me by Jessica Verdi, and it made up for the months in which I’ve been a bad ally.

I liked this book from the beginning because it starts setting the scene for the reader, describing the location and a little bit of the plot and the characters without telling right away what’s going on.

Now, when we are finally introduced to the core of the plot, the story gets a vibe similar to The Miseducation of Cameron Post by Emily M. Danforth, which is a total LGBTQ* must. If you’ve read both stories, you’ll know why I think they have a similar vibe. For me, it was one more reason to love this book.

I think I’ve read my fair share of LGBTQ* books, but this story was different from what I’ve already read. Lexi, the main character, is going to a camp to basically stop being gay, which is a common scenario for this kind of novels. The difference is that Lexi seems to actually want the camp to work. That fact itself makes this read stand out, and is very promising.

I also really like the fact that there is a back story, and that this is not just about Lexi and her experience in camp. There’s family drama, and Lexi appears to be the one taking care of her mother and not the other way around.

Of course, this is YA, so there has to be romance. There’s an insta crush, but in this story it’s super cute, so I totally let it slide.

The way this story is constructed is amazing because it’s full of tiny flashbacks that help us understand Lexi and her reasons for going to camp. I’m always down for flashbacks in a story and I think they make it way more interesting.

Because this story is set in a camp, it did remind me of But I’m a Cheerleader, but of course, unlike the movie, this is not a parody. This story is by no means a comedy, and there are bits that some people might find triggering. For me, it is a total LGBT* must and I’m happy to have read it.

As always, if you know of a similar book that I might like, please share it in the comments below and I’ll be sure to read and review it.

Happy reading!

Love, Miss Camila

My Purple and Brown Lippies

Hello and happy Sunday. Last week’s post was probably a bit too long, but don’t worry, today’s will not be like that. If you’re looking for lippies that are bolder than your usual pinks and nudes, but that aren’t super extreme, then keep on reading because today I’ll share my purple and brown lippies. Let get started, shall we?

Maybelline Vivid Matte Liquid Lipstick in Vivid Violet

This is what I mean by “bold but not super extreme,” at least for me it’s still a shade I could casually wear on a weekend. I have a problem, however, with this line of liquid lipsticks by Maybelline and is the super chemical scent of these products. If strong scented lippies don’t bother you, then I think you’ll enjoy this a lot.

Maybelline Color Sensational in Power Peony 

This lipstick walks the fine line between a purple and a pink, but I think it’s part of the former because it has a lilac undertone. That undertone is what makes it more wearable than those bubblegum pinks I showed you last week, and what makes the shade look more intense even if it is still light. If you have pale skin and have the same problem I have when wearing light lip products, then you can try this out and I’m sure it won’t look like you applied concealer on your lips.

Maybelline Color Sensational in Midnight Plum 

I am a lover of dark lipsticks, even if I don’t wear them as often because of my current job. This one is the classic dark plum that is vampy but still kind of serious and classy. It used to be my go-to shade for the fall, and sometimes when I need a little bit of darkness in my look, I reach for it.


NYX Liquid Suede Cream Lipstick in Subversive Socialite 

If you want your true-purple vamp, then you have to get this liquid lipstick. Honestly, it’s pure dark purple goodness. To me it’s one of those shades that looks good with jeans and Converse on a Saturday morning, and with a faux-fur coat and pleather leggings that same Saturday, only way later. I love this line of liquid lipsticks for their pigmentation and opacity, and whenever I wear one of these, I don’t have to worry about reapplying every ten minutes, only once a day if anything.

Maybelline Color Sensational in Brazen Berry

This is a more intense version of the Power Peony lipstick. It is darker, and it’s got more purple, which makes the color more intense. For some reason, in the tube it looks way more purple than it actually is, but if you decide to try it on you’ll see it’s way less intimidating than it appears. In my opinion, it’s a great shade if you want to start slow on the purples game.

Shany Cosmetics Smooch Collection in Number 03

A purple-based fuchsia is still a purple in my books, okay? It is a darker version of the lipstick I just talked to you about, which means it can also be a little bit more intense and less appropriate for some people’s everyday looks.

Maybelline Baby Lips Lip Gloss in Lilac Lumi 

You can’t actually see this because it’s a clear lip gloss. I’m still adding it to this haul because it’s got purple micro-glitter, and I think it’s a great lip topper for looks with purple lips. If you wear it by itself, you’re not really going to catch any color, just the overall gloss, but it’s nice and inexpensive and a good option too if you’re going for a natural look.

Shany Cosmetics Fairytale Kiss Lip Gloss in Number 10 

This lipgloss is what got me into trying brown lippies. It is opaque enough, and I think the fact that the shade is kind of dark makes it even more intense. I’ve worn it by itself, and sometimes I’ve used it as a topper for one of my brown-based nude lippies.

NYX Liquid Suede Cream Lipstick in Club Hopper

What are you saying? You want a super intense and opaque brown lipstick? Okay, I got you covered. Club Hopper is the ultimate brown lipstick for me. I wear it during the day and I rock it at night too. I love how it looks with just about each and every earth tone there is, but then again, it looks awesome with blue and purple. Yes, I love it, but I always take my time when applying it because it is so pigmented, it can easily ruin a whole look if for some reason it smudges before it’s completely dry.

Shany Cosmetics Smooch Collection in Number 04

But, Camila, are you sure this is the lipstick you wanted to haul? Yes, I’m sure, and I’m aware that it’s more of a brown-based red. It is, however, nowhere near a true red, and it’s also way too intense to be called a nude. So, what am I going to call it? I’ll call it a brown base. It means you are going to get that brown vibe even if you aren’t ready yet to wear a true brown.

Do you wear brown or purple lippies? What is your favorite product in either of these shades? Let me know in the comments!

Happy Sunday!

Love, Miss Camila

Let’s Talk About Sex, Babies (2/2)

Hello and happy Wednesday. We know what we’re here for, so let’s get started, shall we?

Last week I started sharing my thought about 21 Myths (Even Good) Girls Believe About Sex by Jennifer Strickland, which is a book I got via NetGalley for reviewing purposes, and decided to divide the post in two so that it didn’t become one long-ass rant.

Obviously, as a book reviewer, I can’t just talk about the content of the book, especially when there were aspects of the format that I didn’t like one bit. In the first chapters of the book, the author took quotes and inserted them in this text frames or whatever you call them in the middle of the page. She was literally quoting herself within the same page. What’s with that? Was that really necessary? I don’t think so.

I’d previously talked about how heteronormative this book was, and again I felt the need to take notes on that issue. One example of this book being heteronormative is the fact that it revolves around reproductive sex and the seemingly “natural” desire everyone has to have sex. Here’s a fact: some people love having sex. Maybe even the great majority of people do so. But that doesn’t mean that we all have the desire to have sex, and it doesn’t mean that we want to reproduce, either.

There are many experiences in life associated with sex and pleasure, different from sexual intercourse. Some obvious ones are kissing or touching, but there are other experiences like eating, watching a movie or reading a book that can provide pleasure comparable to the sexual one. I’m not talking about watching porn or reading erotica, although that might be more attractive to some people that having sex with another person. I’m talking about seeing sex as an experience.

Experiencing sex can be a priority to some, as it can be something that “just happens” to others, a natural part of life. It can be something you seek, and it can also be something you avoid or simply don’t think about. Sex as an experience means you have a choice to decide what role it plays in your life, if any at all, and that choice you make is just as respectable as any other.

I’m in my happy place right now, physically and mentally because I’m happy writing this post, but when I was reading this book there were times when I became annoyed, and others even infuriated. The contents of the book got to me, they really did, but so did the poor writing style of the author, up to the point where I thought “man, I’d never want to meet or even go near this woman, thankyouverymuch.” I’m a teacher, and I get upset when I see people trying to spread teachings that are just wrong, and I’m not sorry about that.

I previously talked about how this author sees marriage as the ultimate reward in a woman’s life. Only married woman should have sex, according to what I read in this book, but something the author didn’t manage to explain is how the glory of marriage will prevent an STI. I know the facts, okay? I know that having a stable partner reduces the chances of getting an STI, but it doesn’t prevent them. And even so, people don’t need to be married to be in a committed, stable relationship. People cheat, whether they’re married or not, and people can get a sexually-transmitted infection or disease whether they’re married or not. That is a fact.

Okay, I went from my happy place to an angry place for a while after I read the following quote I wrote down in my blogging notebook: “Kind of like ‘Blacks don’t associate with Mexicans.'” Now, if I’m not mistaken, the author was talking about assumptions people make, right? This is just an assumption, according to her. It is really, an assumption, I agree, and a very stupid one, but it’s also really problematic.

In terms of race and ethnicity, as well as gender, sexual orientations and other social “issues” that some people just don’t seem to understand, I think the best policy is for “some people” to keep quiet. Mrs Strickland, the author of this book is clearly part of “some people,” given that she’s very heterosexual and very white. There’s nothing wrong in being any of those things, and if you think I said that, then the problem is all yours. But I do believe that there is something wrong when you are those things and make assumptions about people who are not.

Nobody has the authority to speak for somebody else if not explicitly asked to. Heterosexual people don’t want the LGBTQ+ community to speak on their behalf, so why is it okay when it goes the other way around? POC need real representation, not white people wrongfully appropriating aspects of their culture and background because it’s on trend. And in that same way, blacks and Mexicans don’t need to be an example for a misleading book on sex by an white American woman.

After that comment, I was left exhausted, really, and I kind of stopped taking notes because I felt like I was repeating myself and becoming angrier by the minute, but that in the end I was getting nowhere, so I decided I’d just read. It was tough, getting past the random, out-of-context Bible references (and this is coming from a person who loves reading the Psalms), but I finally reached a point where I could see a hint of light, something salvageable, something that it’s safe to read.

Dear Mrs. Strickland, I want to give you credit for the whole chunk you did on STDs. You know what chunk I’m talking about, the one that was scientifically accurate, the one where you cut your talk about what G-d wants and went ahead and said “if you’re having sex, in or out of marriage, you should be responsible.”

I want to personally thank you for that one, and for the chapter on LGBTQ+ people, for your honesty and your openness. I think that chapter was the reason why I decided to give it three stars as opposed to two, because it literally was the light at the end of a tunnel that I felt was narrowing down by the second. And while we’re at it, thank you for your definition of consent. If I were you, I’d put those three (which I know are the most controversial) chapters first. If I were you, that’s all I’d put in the book, if I’m being honest.

I wouldn’t recommend this book for the life of me, but if you have any cool resources that can help young people learn about sex, please share them in the comments.

Happy reading!

Love, Miss Camila