June Ipsy Glam Bag Haul + Review

Hello and happy Sunday. I’m a fan of trying out makeup and beauty stuff and I love to feel that I’m up to date on the latest trends, which is why, when I get home and see the pink Ipsy package waiting for me, I get instantly happy. June’s bag was especially exciting for me because I got stuff I needed, like that new blush, and stuff I am obsessed with (basically the rest of the stuff I got). So, let’s start the haul and review, shall we? 

The Balm Cosmetics Balm Springs Blush

Like I said, I needed a new blush, and this one is just the perfect summer-y, nude-y blush. Unlike my other blushes, this is matte, so it’s pretty useful for everyday looks or when I don’t need to much makeup on my face, like when my eye makeup is too heavy and needs to stand out. The pigmentation is just amazing, and I could really see myself wearing it on an everyday basis.

Margaret Dabbs London Treatment-Enriched Nail Polish in Green Daylily 

I love this nail polish because of the color because I think it’s great for the summer, but I also think the cool bluish green can work for winter and spring. I also love the fact that I was sent a full-size product instead of a sample size. What I don’t like about this is that it chips like crazy, which is obviously super annoying, especially if you’re wearing this for a party or a special occasion and your nails need to look on point.

Vasanti Cosmetics Power Oils Lip Gloss in Super Mom 

You know when you think you have enough nude lippies and then you get one that’s just absolutely perfect? That’s what happened to me when I tried this lip gloss. It is super thick and pigmented, but it’s a lip gloss, so it’s not matte and it actually doesn’t dry down at all. It smells like a dream and it’s one of those shades that goes well with literally everything. This is my new go-to lip gloss because it’s absolutely fantastic, and it protects your lips, which is also great.

DOUCCE Maxlash Volumizer Mascara 

This is the second mascara from Doucce I’ve gotten in my Ipsy Glam Bags, and I love it. This mascara makes my eyelashes look long and thick, but not in a falsies kind of way, so it’s perfect for everyday looks as well as more glam ones. It stays put all day making my eyelashes look naturally long and thick, almost doll-like.

Delectable by Cake Beauty Coconut & Cream Triple Moisture Body Lotion 

Okay, out of all the products, this probably takes the cake, no pun intended. This cream smells like a dream and feels amazing on my skin, and is seriously my favorite product out of everything I got. I don’t even know what else to say about it because it’s basically a hydrating lotion, but a really good one that you and your skin will appreciate, especially after those days under the sun.

Are you subscribed to Ipsy? If so, let me know what your favorite product was. If you’re not, tell me what product would you like to try and why.

Happy Sunday!

Love, Miss Camila

Prepping for Letter Work

Hello and happy Saturday. I think I’ve told you before that I work with the Splash Into Pre-K books, and if you’re familiar with it, you know that as part of the daily activities there’s “letter work.” Now, what I did last year with my Pre-K students is work on the alphabet and have them construct words with the foam letters that are included in the resources Splash provides. There are two problems with these letters, in my opinion: 1) there are too few of them, considering I had eleven students per classroom; and 2) these letters have magnets on the back, so the boys have to be super careful when they handle them, and we all know that’s not the point of working with manipulatives.

The bags of letters were given to me by one of my teacher friends and I took them gladly, already planning all the things I could get to do with my boys this school year, having a ton of foam letters with no magnets on them. They were super dirty, after having been stored for over a year inside a closet, so as soon as I got home that day, I went on a cleaning mission.

I put them in a bowl full of water and dish soap, and immediately the water turned gray. After soaking them, and individually cleaning each letter and making sure the dust was gone and nothing else was coming out of them, I put them to dry.








These are the clean letters, which I put to dry outside. They look way less opaque, almost brand new and ready to be used by my preschool babes.

I’ll write a post on letter work so that you can see these babes in action, but in the meantime, tell me whether you have foam letters like these and what you do with them in your classroom.

Happy teaching!

Love, Miss Camila


Just Your Typical YA

Hello and happy Wednesday. I have now decided to start taking notes about the books I’m reading to help me remember my thoughts when I’m reviewing, and so I have one page and a half full of notes on Did I Mention I Love You? by Estelle Maskame. Are we ready for them?

Let me start by thanking the author and NetGalley because I had the chance to read an ARC of this book and now share my review with all of you. I love reading books by Wattpad authors because I think that is an amazing community, and I love to see writers succeed thanks to it.

If you’re looking for a great summer read, this is it because it will make you fly all the way to California and be sixteen again. It’s your typical “girl flies to another city to spend time with her estranged parent” scenario, which we’ve already read in The Statistical Possibility of Love at First Sight by Jennifer E. Smith and How Hard Cal Love Be? by Holly Bourne. If you know me, you know I adore both books, but I rolled my eyes to see that was a part of this book.

I had a major issue, and I would put it out there as a potential trigger warning, with Eden (the main character) always skipping meals and having problems with her body image. This wasn’t explored in depth as an eating disorder, but it was hinted that way. I’ve said it before in reviews and I’ll say it again now: authors have to be very careful when addressing issues like eating disorders; they have to document themselves, and they have to be aware of the fact that their readers are most likely teenagers who might be prone to suffering from them. Eden doesn’t seem to understand the seriousness of her problem, and her family’s not aware of it either, so treatment is never mentioned, and that was a big no-no for me.

When I was taking the picture I used for this post, I read the text in the cover, which says something about a forbidden kiss or something like that. Then, as I read, Tyler, Eden’s step-brother was mentioned and, of course, everything made sense to me. Needless to say, the plot was super predictable from then on. Something that bothered me big time, though, was the fact that before the “forbidden kiss” Eden absolutely despised Tyler for no apparent reason. Like, yes, he had an attitude towards pretty much everyone, but she’d encounter him twice and seemed to think of him as her worst enemy.

Eden herself was a character I didn’t like at all. She was immature, but immature in a relatable Lara Jean Song kind of way, you know? She was more like, why is this kid still here bickering about everything. I didn’t appreciate the fact that she was always insinuating how she was “not like other girls” because she liked running and her Converse had song lyrics written on them. And yet, despite how original and different she was, guess who she hung out with? Hypocrite much?

My dad is married, and his wife has two kids, who I consider my siblings. I know not all family dynamics are the same, but I don’t understand why Eden hater her family so much. Like, honestly, nobody forced her to travel to Santa Monica to be with her father and his family, it was Eden who made the choice, so why was she always complaining about everything?

Let’s go back to Eden and Tyler because the story centers around them anyway. I felt that some situations were forced in order for them to be together, you know? Like it’s summer and they’re staying at the same house and they share a group of friends, so just let their encounters be more organic. The fact that their encounters were so not casual, made it obvious that they were going to end up together, even to those not reading the little text on the cover. In YA, two people don’t spend so much time together and not end up being a couple, that’s just not how it works.

Now let me get something off my chest (no pun intended, I swear), but what’s with heaving a sigh? I’d never heard that expression before, which is not weird because English is not my first language after all. I got to read it repeatedly throughout the novel and it annoyed me every time.

You know I love me some bad boys, and Tyler was definitely one, but I feel the way he was portrayed didn’t do him justice. For instance, he was a vegetarian, which was sorta thrown out there halfway through the book like it was nothing. I think it would’ve given depth to Tyler’s character if the reasons for his vegetarianism had been explained in the story, you know? There’s also Tyler’s story, which might call for another trigger warning on child abuse, or rather domestic violence. It was briefly and (at least to me) superficially explored, although it then led to a bit of character development and to an interesting plot twist.

Tyler compensated for a few things I didn’t like about this novel, which in all fairness are things I don’t like in general. For one, it’s the fact that Eden and Tyler engaged in a relationship that was not only forbidden because they’re step-siblings, it was plain cheating. Tyler had a girlfriend called Tiffani, and she was the most stereotypical character ever, who also caused or was always at the center of your stereotypical high school drama. An example? Sure, here’s an example of her drama, but it’s a spoiler, so skip to the next paragraph if you don’t want to read it: the whole baby drama. I mean, seriously? Are you really going to pretend to be pregnant? Ugh.

I grew up in a country where parents are super involved in their children’s lives, so it was a little odd for me, and rather hard to believe that the parents in this story were rarely around. They were always conveniently away whenever there was a party or a big event. Not realistic at all, if you ask me.

I’m nearing the end of my notes and they’re happier than the others, so let’s explore the things I liked about this novel. I really liked Dean and Eden’s relationship. I thought their friendship was fresh and nice. I enjoyed the fact that although this book is over 400 pages long, it took me over a week to read it. And, oh, let’s go back to Dean and Eden: the ending of the novel reminded me a whole lot of It’s Not Summer Without You by Jenny Han. Then I read the epilogue and, yep, definitely like INSWY. The epilogue, though, made me think “what the hell…?” because honestly Estelle, did you just skip ten months? What? Why? Nonetheless, it was probably my favorite part, and it of course made me want to devour the second book in the series.

So, those are my thoughts on this novel. Thanks again to NetGalley and Estelle Maskame for the ARC. If you read this book, please let me know what you think!

Happy reading!

Love, Miss Camila

I Tried Pilates

Laser Hair Removal.png

Hello and happy Sunday. I have a sad confession to make, but it’s something that’s been bugging me for a while now: I’m kind of fed up with Zumba. I started with it in July of 2014 but lately I have zero motivation to go to my classes. This year some of my resolutions are fitness and well-being related, like going to a nutritionist, which I’ve told you about in two of my posts [x] [x], and my resolution for June was actually trying Pilates, so here’s my experience with it.

I first went to the place I’d heard and done some research about and there I was told I had the possibility of scheduling a free class so that I could see what Pilates was all about and make a more informed decision on whether to buy classes and how many. That’s an important tip I think you should keep in mind because I know there are different gyms and centers that provide a free class, but people aren’t often aware of this.

During that first class we did some stretching exercises that required a lot of body control, and then we did some cardio by “jumping” (we were lying down in the Reformer so it wasn’t actually a jump), and I felt amazing. I didn’t sweat uncontrollably like I do in Zumba, but man, when I got up from the Reformer, I noticed where all my sweat had gone.

Something I liked was that I didn’t end up exhausted, but I felt rather energized. I thought “okay, this’ll be easier than I thought,” and so I bought twelve sessions so I could work out during my vacation and combine Zumba and Pilates. The following day, though, I felt all the exercise I’d done the previous day. My upper back and shoulders hurt, as well as my abdomen, but in a nice way, like I’d  actually activated parts of my body I rarely use, and this was great because it’s precisely those areas (specifically the abdomen), the ones that I need to work the most on.

Once you buy the classes in this studio I go to, you schedule your introductory session. This is the first class in the package you buy, but it’s more of a diagnostic session rather than an actual class with exercise if that makes sense. I had to fill out this application with my medical record, age, and other personal information that was then evaluated by one of the physical therapists working at the studio. I got weighed and was glad to see the number in the scale. Then I got a ton of pictures taken and after that the physical therapist explained to me the issues I have with my posture and she gave me tips on how to improve it in my daily life.

The plan that the physical therapist worked out for me is basically focused on strengthening my core, which is absolutely amazing and what I would’ve asked for anyway. My perception towards Pilates has changed in a positive way, and I feel that it’s more complete than I thought before trying it, like it can actually help me with toning, which is my goal at the moment. I wouldn’t try it on an ongoing basis because the classes are expensive, and because I want to continue with Zumba, but maybe in the future I can find a place that has different classes and I can combine them, who knows?

Have you tried Pilates or would you like to? What are your thoughts on it?

Happy Sunday!

Love, Miss Camila

My Teacher Planner

Hello and happy Saturday. Planning is a very important part of my job as a teacher, one that is sometimes boring, which is why I try to get work done ahead of time so I don’t have to worry about it later.  Last year I had a huge notebook as my teacher planner, but I found it to be impractical, so this year I decided to go use a binder. In today’s post I’ll share with you what’s inside of my planner. Let’s get started, shall we?

The first page you see there is actually my yearly planning for Pre-K. I have one for each grade I teach. What I did was take all the information I’d gathered throughout the previous year of school and then I arranged it in a chart. Basically what I have now is a list of every topic I worked on with each of my classes and the different activities we did. This will help me have a clear idea of how to plan my classes this year, given that in my school we make lesson plans every two weeks. I have this printed version I can highlight and add post it notes and scratch or whatever I need to do, and a digital version, which I’ll edit based on the changes I make throughout the year.

Now, I have to upload my lesson plans once every two weeks. The lesson plans are really simple and it takes no time to do them. They’re digital, however, and the format is not very friendly for a teacher who’s on the run most of the day, so what I’m using this year are the weekly planning templates from Playdough to Plato. The whole pack of planners, checklists, templates, and other planner essentials is completely free, and so are the other forms I’ll show you in this post.

I love this weekly planner because it’s super spacious and in the following page you have a section where you can take notes or add reminders so that you take them into account the following week.

I have not one but two grade books, one from Teacher Created Resources, and the other one, a total cutie my best friend gave me. The thing is, having a notebook or a binder and a grade book is the opposite of practical, really, so I decided to take them back home this year and use them some other time, maybe when I get my own classroom and don’t have to be running around everywhere.

This checklist template is from A Modern Teacher, and I love it because I get enough space to write the activity type I’m grading without everything looking crammed. The date section is also helpful because that way I can keep track of students who were absent that day or didn’t hand in a homework on time.

Speaking of missing homework, I’m going to start using the I Didn’t Do My Homework log I found on Pinterest. I’m going to use it with my older kids because I feel that way they can become more responsible for their own work. Last year I had a bit of trouble with grades because some students didn’t hand in their work, so now whenever I have a blank space in my checklist, I’ll approach the student, and if they don’t have the homework, I’ll write their name in the log. This way I can know who owes me stuff.

Once the classes start, I’m sure I’ll be adding more pages to this planner and I’ll keep you updated. I will, for example, add a monthly planner at the beginning so that I have important school-related dates in mind.

What are you using for a planner this year? Let me know!

Happy teaching!

Love, Miss Camila



The Book Was Better: Everything Is Illuminated


Hello and happy Wednesday. A few weeks ago, I was told by an OkCupid user that there was actually a movie adaptation of the book Everything Is Illuminated by Jonathan Safran Foer. Everything Is Illuminated is my absolute favorite book in English, and I adore it because it reminds me of my Jewish ancestors and how they, too had to escape their homes due to World War II. It is an amazing novel and I believe everyone should read it at some point in their lives. I read this book about three years ago, so I’m going to focus more on the movie, which I recently watched and took notes of, so let’s get started!

The first thing I thought was “man, I love the music.” The music itself reminded me of afternoons at my grandma’s house, when she plays Israeli music while we all chill after lunch, which led me to my second thought, about how this movie, and obviously the book are truly Jewish. Like, you get the jokes and relate to the characters and everything they do and say. It was really refreshing to find a movie like that.

I loved the beginning because it was not rushed at all, and even though the movie sort of takes a different path from the book, which I’ll explain in a minute, it takes its time to introduce the characters and the plot, and the scenery. At first, I loved the fact that Elijah Wood was Jonathan Safran Foer, but then I didn’t like it as much, as I remembered how the character was in the book. I feel like they were two completely different characters.

One thought that came to my mind, is that I’m not sure how much of the movie can be understood without having read the book. I feel that many gaps were filled by the book in certain scenes, like I understood what happened because I’d previously read about it, but for someone going blindly into it, I don’t know if it would be easy to follow, and even if it’d be enjoyable or not.

And here’s the thing, the movie rarely mentions Trachimbrod and the flashbacks that are inserted in the novel, which tell the story of the shtetl. I feel like that made the focus of the movie change completely to Jonathan trying to understand the history of his family to his journey of going to the place where his family used to live, you know?

With those things in mind, I was already leaning towards liking the book more than the movie, and then the last half hour or so was just incredibly slow, and it dragged on, and I got bored. I’m not great at watching movies with little to no dialogues, and with this particular movie, it was sad that I actually didn’t like the last part. That being said, the last scene is absolutely heartbreaking and it’s what made watching the whole movie worth it.

Now, tell me, do you enjoy book-to-movie adaptations? Why or why not?

Happy reading!

Love, Miss Camila

My Night Routine

Laser Hair Removal (2).png

Hello and happy Sunday. Last week I told you everything about my morning routine, so I thought it would be cool to tell you what I do at night. I’m pretty sure I’d already shared a “get unready with me” kind of post, but I feel that this year my night routine has changed a bit, and I’ve actually added steps, so it makes sense to write an updated post, doesn’t it? Anyway, let’s get into it!

I go to bed pretty early at night, so at around 8:30 on most nights I’m already in the process of falling asleep. I think that’s because my days start too early, so when they’re over so is my energy. That means that my nights actually begin at around 6 pm. To start my night, I always write five things that made me happy that day. This is something I’ve done since Christmas last year and it’s become part of my routine. I wrote a post on that, so check it out if you’re interested.

I usually have dinner at around 7 pm, and it’s always something super light, joined by a cup of tea. I don’t know if I’ve ever said this, but I drink a cup of tea every single day. No, I’m not British, I’m Colombian but I don’t drink coffee (I’m straightedge, remember?).

Because I don’t do any work from school at home, by the time I’m done having dinner, I’m usually done with the day and ready to, well, get unready. I remove my makeup every single day, no matter how tired I am. For that, I use makeup removing wipes most of the days, unless I’m too sweaty from working out, in which case I use micellar water, or unless I’m wearing a lot of makeup, especially a heavy eye look or liquid lipstick, and then I use makeup removing cream. Then, I apply my eye contour gel from Haiko Naturals.

After my makeup is off, I get undressed and apply this slimming gel from Haiko Natural, which is supposed to help make my skin firmer and reduce the appearance of cellulitis. I think it has done it’s job helping tighten the skin a bit, although I still work out, obviously. I apply this gel to my arms, thighs, and belly, which you know it’s a problematic area for me.

I go to bed quite early, check my phone one last time and wait for my dad to call me. Once I’m done talking to my dad on the phone, I turn on airplane mode and read until I’m too tired and fall asleep.

That’s it for my super glamorous nighttime routine. What is your routine like? Let me know!

Happy Sunday!

Love, Miss Camila

My TPT Store

TpT Cover Design (5).jpg

Hello and happy Saturday. I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but when you go to this blog’s home page, there’s a pink menu and a link that says TPT. TPT stands for Teachers Pay Teachers, a site I absolutely love because it is a marketplace for any sort of teaching resource you can ever think of, from single worksheets to whole bundles with the yearly planning of a specific subject.

I love TPT because there are always freebies and because through TPT I’ve discovered amazing teachers. I’m also a seller on TPT, which means that I upload my resources to my store, for other people to buy and download. I started my store because I thought it was the best way to share materials I’d developed with other teachers, you know? To have everything in one place.

Probably my most successful resource is the book study for The Girl Who Survived, a book written by Bronia Brandman and Carol Bierman. When I uploaded it, my store had all sorts of random products I’d created. I really didn’t have a “brand,” I just put stuff in my store for fun. With time, however, I’ve made some changes and I’m planning to make even bigger ones, which is why I’m writing this post.

The first thing I did way remove all the products that hadn’t been successful or that I wasn’t too proud of. I always upload resources that I have used or would use in my classes, but there’s some stuff that I could just keep in my personal files. If you go to my store now you’ll see I have song workshops, book and movie studies, and just a few “random” products like a worksheet on capitalization, my dictionary of long vowels, and a daily assessment form. I know that I should remove those products, and I will one day, but I need to have added other products before.

Another change I made was putting covers to all of my products. They are not unified, but at least they’re all pink and have my store’s name. By the way, my store is called The Cool Teacher Diaries because that was the name of my previous blog, and it’s also my Instagram username. I’m thinking about changing the color of the covers, but I’ll probably do it next year, so each year is a different color.

Now when I say that I’m making some big changes in my store, I mean that I want to focus my products on song, movie or book studies. I’ve found that I enjoy creating resources like this, and that other teachers appreciate them as well. I create this resources based on what I like, but I’d like to have more solid criteria for my creation process.

Here’s where you, my friends, come in. In the comments, let me know if you have a TPT store so that I can look you up, and also tell me if there’s a book, a movie or a song you would like me to create a product about.

Happy teaching!

Love, Miss Camila

Dear Rachel Van Dyken

Dear Rachel Van Dyken,

Hello and happy Wednesday, or whichever day of the week this is. First and foremost, I would like to thank you and NetGalley for providing me with an ARC of your book, Cheater, in order for me to read and review it. I will now proceed to write said review, which I hope you find useful and respectful.

I changed my mind about your book many times, and as I kept reading it I began falling for it, sort of like Lucas and Avery. The thing is, I started almost hating it because of that horrible prologue. You know, the little note Lucas writes about how he’s going to tell us his story and doesn’t expect us to understand him and whatever. Ugh. I despised that bit. As a radical feminist it made me roll my eyes so hard I could see the inside of my head. And then, as I kept reading, I thought that whole bit was completely unnecessary. It made me judge the book ahead of time, and I know some ruthless readers will just cease reading altogether after that note, so my advice for you is lose that. Start with the flashback scene, the one of the day before the wedding. That’s going to be a way better hook.

Now, Rachel, I enjoyed your story, but I couldn’t help but find similarities with other very famous erotic novels. Lucas Thorn at the beginning acted a lot like a certain Mr. Grey, and he even joked about contracts and stuff. Remember, Rachel, no woman wants a Mr. Grey in her life, he is a bad man and should be treated by a psychiatrist. Your novel, too, reminded me of The Boss series by Abigail Barnette, and here’s why. For one, the boss-intern relationship in your book is very similar to the one Sophie and Neil have in the boss at the beginning. The age difference, though smaller between your characters is also a point your story has in common with The Boss. And, oh, let’s not forget, the fact that the characters in both stories had previously met and are reunited by the time each novel takes place. I’m sure there’s more, but those were the most obvious similarities, you know? I didn’t have to think too hard to come up with them.

There’s one last thing that bothered the hell out of me in your novel, and it’s the way Brooke was portrayed. I am a radical feminist, and having a woman described as a whore, who dressed up as a hooker to grab men’s attention and who’d always been jealous of her sisters is just horrible. We live in the 21st century, Rachel, and though there are women in this world that act like Brooke, we shouldn’t describe them as such, and we shouldn’t fall in the trap of blaming all of our problems, fictional or otherwise on them.

Now, as I said, I grew to really like your book, to the point where I rounded the 3.5-star rating on Goodreads to a solid 4 stars. I think that’s because I absolutely adored Avery and thought she was an awesome main character. I also appreciated the fact that the whole book wasn’t just one big sex scene, but there was a plot that developed before the sexy bits, which were really sexy. I know there’s a second book in the series about Austin and Thatch’s relationship, but please Rachel, let Lucas and Avery have a wedding or at least a baby, please.

Your book was very entertaining, lighthearted and easy to read. It took me a week or less to read it, so I’d totally recommend it for people who like short, quick reads. I’ll be reading and reviewing your next book sometime in the future.

Happy reading! (uh, I mean, happy writing?)

Love, Miss Camila

Meet the Blogger

Hello and happy Monday. I feel like I’ve talked about a ton of stuff in this blog and yet we haven’t formally met, so I got this list of questions from nativepeach on Tumblr and I plan to answer them right now. Ready? Let’s go!

1. Favorite color


2. Favorite book

Everything is Illuminated by Jonathan Safran Foer

3. Top three favorite movies

An Education

He’s Just Not That Into You


4. Favorite flower


5. Future plans

Moving to the States!

6. Religion

G-D is the greatest and most important thing in my life, but I don’t ascribe to any religion

7. Number of siblings


8. Cat person or dog person

Dog-owning cat person

9. Tea or coffee


10. Favorite food


11. Favorite season


12. Sexuality


13. Top thee hobbies

Makeup, reading, zumba

14. Favorite fandoms

Harry Potter!

15. Current profession


16. Place you most want to travel

I want to go to Arizona. It seems like a cool place.

17. Pepsi or coke


18. How many pets and what are they

2. One dog, one domestic elf

19. Favorite scent

Chocolate or fresh baked cookies

20. What style do you dress in

If it fits…

Okay, there you go. Now it’s your turn. Answer one (or all) of the questions in the comments. I want to get to know you too!

Happy Monday and happy last day of Summertime Madness. Now this week I’ll go back to regular blogging and I’ll see you again every day of the month in December.

Love, Miss Camila